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Johnson & Johnson-A Diabolical Company!

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For years I’ve been warning people to avoid any products manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. They have been getting away with selling CARCINOGENIC BABY OIL for decades. Yes, you read it right… carcinogenic! READ THE LABEL. It’s Mineral Oil, a petroleum distillate, a proven carcinogen. Uninformed parents throughout America have been using this baby oil on their children for as long as I can remember. No parent would knowingly endanger the lives of their children, IF THEY KNEW! The problem is that they don’t know. It boggles the mind that Johnson & Johnson would endanger babies’ lives for profit. So, just in case you wondered how I could chose the word “diabolical”  to describe them, here’s the answer…

To date, knowing of its danger, they haven’t pulled it off the shelves, nor has any government agency blocked its sale. But all is not lost. Just last week, new information about other products J&J produces has just surfaced. According to the NY Times:

“Johnson & Johnson has undergone a series of product withdrawals and recalls in recent years, including artificial hips, contact lenses… and to end its line of drug-coated heart stents.” Notice that, unfortunately, baby oil is not on that list! And there’s more…. The U.S. Justice Department announced that it is forcing them (J & J) to pay at least $1.5 billion as a settlement for the illegal marketing of their drug, Risperdal. The final amount could end up exceeding $2 billion, which will be the highest fine ever imposed on a drug company. (Pfizer was the previous “winner”)

On a personal note, I had hip replacement surgery a year ago. Fortunately, my friend Anne sent me an article from the NY Times reporting that there were over 95,000 hip replacement recalls.  I could have been victim #95,001, as many of those were produced by, you guessed it, Johnson & Johnson! After considerable research, I located a surgeon, Dr. Corey Burak who inserted a safe implant, operating with his father, using a procedure called, “Anterior Incision” that  CUT NO MUSCLES!!!! Thank God, I was saved, but how many others are victims of J&J’s aggressive marketing of their faulty hip replacement parts?

Now that the facts are revealed, AVOID PURCHASING ANY PRODUCT  Johnson & Johnson  produces. And, please join me in sharing this information – blog about it, post it on Twitter and Facebook. Let’s expose these dangerous practices and  protect ourselves, our families and our friends from their diabolical greed. And, if, by the way, you happen to own stock in their company –  sell it!


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jbjones212 July 13, 2012 Reply

Wow, I never knew. Very informative post! Hopefully this helps open eyes to this very serious issue and puts an end to it soon.

colin-lively July 9, 2012 Reply

wonderful blog post

Hattie July 10, 2012 Reply

Thanks Colin: I’ve been using my status as a celebrity to champion causes dear to my heart. Of course, being topless helps keep that heart (!) in the public eye! That;s a good photo… full length rocks.

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