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Generating Joy…No Matter What!

Generating Joy…No Matter What! I added the “No Matter What” this morning. Here’s how I came up with that: I despise aging! Now, that may come as a shock, which wouldn’t surprise me, as my life is dedicated to creating getting older as a glorious adventure. I’ve written books, given speeches, appeared on TV and the media to inspire others to love and honor themselves through the passage of Time, using my positive outlook as inspiration. I’ve never lied about my resistance to the aging process. I often share how my fear and hatred of aging began very early...

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A New Take On Anti Aging – PRO YOUTHING™!

A New Take On Anti Aging – PRO YOUTHING™! I’ve always resisted using the term “Anti-Aging.”  My daughter is a heavy hitter in the PR field, and she advised me, “Mom, you may hate that term, but since it’s the industry standard, get over it!” I followed her advice, but didn’t “get over it!” Fifteen years ago, at age 61, I patented the word RETROAGE. I had been taking courses at Landmark Education, and they taught us the power of  languaging (not languishing!). Even the Bible instructs us, “In the beginning was the WORD.”  “Good enough for the Bible,”...

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Living for a Century: Your Numbers Might Add up to 100

Folks have long viewed living to 100 as being something that they will probably not achieve, even if longevity does run in their family. As it turns out, however, their chances of reaching that milestone might be greater than they had ever imagined. The number of Americans who pass the century mark will likely continue to increase, thanks among other things to improved health care. America’s population of centenarians – the world’s largest – has roughly doubled in the past 20 years. It now stands at around 72,000 and is projected to at least double again by 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And this bureau projects that this figure will rise to 580,000 by the 2040. These centenarians will, no doubt represent a very diverse group. But research indicates that they will tend to share one thing in common: certain “emotional traits” which might help them to navigate their way through life’s uncertainties as they age. Several studies have concluded (on the basis of psychological tests) that centenarians display a high degree of both extraversion (outgoingness) and conscientiousness. The former would tend to keep them involved socially, something whose benefits should remain obvious, while the latter might translate into their being watchful of their health. Also significant: they measure low on measures of neuroticism, a personality trait characterized by instability, anxiety and aggression, something that accounts for...

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Afraid Of Aging? You’re Not Alone!

For as long as I can remember, even as far back as when I was 4, I’ve been actively terrified of aging.  It may sound peculiar that my fear began at such an early age… but it did. My mom was a Russian immigrant whose daily attire consisted of a house dress without jewelry or make-up. And forget about perfume, or anything shiny… it never entered their minds to get “gussied up!” She and her friends were simple ladies, content to go about their daily chores. But, in direct contrast, I lusted for glamour as I fantasized growing up...

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GREAT SEX HAS NO AGE! If You Want It, Go Get It!

Many sexual problems start  much earlier than age 40, but after that they just seem to escalate at a rapid clip. This phenomenon is often viewed as a “normal” consequence of aging, and accepted as inevitable. It doesn’t have to be! We’ve been brainwashed by the media to believe that not only does the sex drive diminish with age…but that we will become undesirable, impotent, and even pathetic! Where does that leave us? To coin a cliché… up the creek, without a paddle. As we approach our middle years, usually after menopause,  many of us are faced with the...

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