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Time’s Up | Susan Murphy Milano Soars with Angels

Time’s Up | Susan Murphy Milano Soars with Angels (and Likely Still Kicks Butt) Yesterday we lost a dear friend, a great soul, and a real hero. Susan Murphy Milano would not want us to say she “lost her battle with cancer.” Instead, I believe, she would want us to say she has gone on to her greater calling, that she has more work to do. Host of “Time’s Up” on Here Women Talk radio, her time with us was powerful; you only had to listen to one show to know how passionate she was about shedding light on...

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Susan Murphy Milano ~ Time’s Up, Cancer!

Susan Murphy Milano – Time’s Up, Cancer! As some readers know, our dear friend and host of  Time’s Up, Susan Murphy-Milano, has been diagnosed with stage IV cancer.  She is in the care of some wonderful doctors, and Susan fully intends to make it through this, especially with the help of her friends. She will continue to do the things she loves best — her radio shows, blogging, writing, and especially promoting the Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit and the site, Document the Abuse.Com which she is extremely passionate about. Susan has started a website and daily blog to document her progress,...

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They say it’ll get better. Who the hell are they?

“They” say it’ll get better. Who the hell are they? Wednesday, 11am EST, LIVE with Vicky Darden, Susan Macaulay, Sue-Ham, Kate Reid and Kay Van Hoesen: What is a middle-aged, mid-menopausal, cancer survivor doing traveling solo by bicycle around the world?  Vicky Darden asks herself that every time she gets a hot flash.  Wednesday on YAK we will be joined by Susan Macaulay, founder of Amazing Women Rock, and Vicky Darden (wherever her wheels happen to be that day).   Then, halfway around the world from Canberra, Australia (can we say “G’day Mate”) we are joined by Kate Reid who in mid-life...

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“Tasting Rain” Author Kim Malchuk 11amEST Tues. Rivers Of Faith

“Why Not Now?”   “Why not start living the life of your dreams?” For Kim Malchuk, best-selling author of Tasting Rain, the answer came in a whisper to her soul that a life of inspired purpose was truly within her reach. Trading complacency for passion, Kim was schooled in life’s most important lesson. If we can change our thoughts, we can change the direction of our lives. Her teacher was CANCER, and although it took her husband, it had no power over the enduring spirit of their love. Now an acclaimed author, motivational coach and public speaker, Kim empowers others...

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The Opinionated Bitch – On Fishin’ and Thinkin’

We’ve had an unseasonably warm Midwest winter, so it was no surprise the Punxsutawney rodent was wrong and spring came early.  Never trust a big rat.  The robins have been here since the first week in February, the jonquils have been in bloom since the first of March and I’ve been itching to go fishing since the day I retired my poles for the winter.  Even the Great Blue Heron, who returns to my cove each spring after wintering in parts unknown has made her splendiferous return.  There’s nothing like seeing her six and a half foot wingspan hovering...

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Best Scene Ever from Sex & The City – Samantha at the Breast Cancer Benefit

Warning: Explicit language You don’t have to be a “Sex and The City” fan to appreciate this empowering short video, 1.5 minutes long. It felt so good, I had to watch it three times.  Women may lose their hair, but they’re still beautiful, strong and sexy. And when we stick together, we can do anything. http://youtu.be/ISET9kt5wfE...

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