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And That, My Friend, Is Why We Wear Belgian Shoes Hildamae, my somewhat uppity mother, upon whose knee I learned to also be somewhat uppity, had a few mantras that have stayed with me all the days of my life. “A LADY NEVER WEARS PRINTS TO THE CITY”. “GIN SHOULD BE STIRRED, NEVER SHAKEN, AND NEVER BEFORE NOON”. “A PERSON’S SHOES TELLS THE TRUE STORY”. and at the age of 12, when I came on my very first outing to New York City with Hildamae, we stayed at the Saint Regis Hotel. I had vichyssoise for the first time....

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The Opinionated Bitch – My Krispy Kreme Confessions

My Krispy Kreme Confessions In all fairness, I have a confession to make: I’ve only tasted Krispy Kremes twice in my life and I’m glad they’re not readily available in my remote area because they’re delicious and if I had access I’d probably be tempted.  So why do I call this my ‘Krispy Kreme Confessions”?  Because people take one look at me and assume that’s all I eat. I am a fat American. It’s something I’m not proud of. But it’s something I’m not ashamed of either and that’s where I run afoul of a lot of people. American...

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The Colin Lively Show ~ The Final Scene – Sheepshead Bay Boulevard!

“So closes the curtain on the worst show in radio history, although it is not without its chuckles that the lights go dim on this train wreck” – Cindy McFello, The TransAmerican Review Post Express Nora flew into a murderous rage after being betrayed by all but her loyal companion and sole beneficiary of her estate, Max von Schtick; she fired gun shots onto the stage, killing her three nemeses, one of which was the most Beautiful woman in the world, Ashley Madison. The bodies are not yet cold, and the rumors are stirring about how they will preserve...

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Drama in the Theatre…Live! The Colin Lively Show, Fri., Aug. 24th 2pm EDT

Saving The Slave! The once famed civil rights epicenter is up for auction, and Sarah Wolff, with her 501 (c) 3, New Brooklyn Theatre, are trying to save it. The Slave Theater became a Brooklyn civil rights landmark in the early 1980s, when community activists like Al Sharpton and Alton Maddox came to the political foreground during rallies at the theater, and racial tensions in New York City were running high. Now it sits empty, but not devoid of history. The history held therein is not something we should just tear down and let fall out of sight because all...

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Jack Kerouac to help you through the afternoon (LIVE) The Colin Lively Show Fri., Aug. 10th 2pmEDT

50 years since ON THE ROAD was first published. how could we have known this would be considered one of the greatest works of literature. the embodiment of the Beat Generation. the world changers. the great songs. The Beat Goes On. Like a Rolling Stone. Waiting for my Man. Let’s Go Get Stoned. Max’s Kansas City. CBGB. Beatniks. Hippies. Bell,Book, and Candle. LSD. Alan Ginsberg. William S. Burroughs. NAKED LUNCH. Malcolm Gladwell. Jonah Lehrer. Judson Memorial Church. Marching to a different drum. Lee Harvey Oswald. lava lamps. truman capote. mary poppins. Bonnie and Clyde. (Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg)..not...

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Sheepshead Bay Boulevard – Week Seven!

“The breath-taking anecdotal accounts of Max and his disgraced whoresery hosiery designer, Nora, are nothing short of pure delusion.” — Elana Kowalski, The Fallacyville Review Welcome to The Colin Lively Radio Theater. Today, we are having our 7th episode in our 13 part series of Sheepshead Bay Boulevard . When we last visited Nora Redmond and her loyal servant and enabler, Max von Schtick, they had just discovered who the Bushy Headed Stranger was pacing back and forth and back and forth in front of the once palatial but now decrepit mansion of Miss Nora Redmond. After being apprehended by...

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