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Corporate Team Building Workshop utilizing ART!

QUESTION: Do you know of a company that is looking for ways to: – Enhance a Corporate Team Building Retreat, or – Create a stand-alone Team Building Workshop, or – Add a fun, interactive program to a Company Get Together? ANSWER: If so, please ask them to consider including a Team ART Work Program Module, designed to promote teamwork, communication and creativity among employees. CONTACT: Judi Russell – Artist and...

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Expand Your Creativity: Try Something New

Houston artist Keddy A. Outlaw is asking you to share something new that you’ve tried. Simply upload a photo or a short explanation, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for your choice of an original KAO mixed media collage (choices shown below).  Deadline: Midnight CDT June 28. CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD Keddy says when you try something new, you expand your boundaries.  It’s okay if what you do is “beginnerish” – that’s how you start.   She says you can try ANYTHING. Here are some examples: new sport exercise spiritual practice craft diet outlook travel joining a group...

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Creative Writing Contest: Submissions are In!

Did you post or do you know someone who did submit to our first-ever Devin Alexander Creative Writing Contest? Holy Toledo! We have some talented people in Here Women Talk!  The submissions are up and open for voting until midnight April 14. Vote for your favorites (click on the heart (♥) on the green line, directly beneath the titles). We received 50 eligible submissions 16 Fiction (HERE) 15 Nonfiction (HERE) 19 Poetry (HERE) The submission with the highest number of votes in each of the three categories will receive an honorable mention and the author’s bio featured on the...

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Writing Your Memoir: A How-To Book

There is an ongoing discussion on Here Women Talk about “Who Has Published and What is Your Experience”.While there are many valuable books and articles about writing and publishing in any genre, I’m interested in memoir. So I’m sharing a review of one of my favorite how-to books. In this book is an appendix written by me sharing my experience with using a self-publishing method of POD, Print-On-Demand. (There’s no monetary motive for sharing this particular book. I probably can’t publish here what I already published there re: POD, so I thought it best to refer to this book)....

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SHAPES & PATTERNS – A fun workshop exploring gels, pastes, textured gels, stamps, stencils and other techniques!

A Fun, Playful Workshop with Paints and Mixed Media Sponsored by Here Women Talk and Art & Artifacts for Painters and Non-Painters Workshop Objective:  When you leave this workshop you will know how to use a variety of mixed media and will have a minimum of 5 paintings/sample boards to assist you in making future decisions. Some of the Activities: 1.  Creating mono-print with embellishments of more paint and mixed media. 2.  Creating a print-like design, with your eyes closed, and then adding paint and mixed media. 3.  Transferring an image (laser print) onto your design. 4.  Carving into...

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Physical Bodies, loss of weight, Determined at Death

Our physical world contains the existence of complexity that has been updated to many new and innovative technological components. We have a better understanding for the supernatural? Knowing that we are not able to visibly recognize energy traveling, it is known that we have stronger knowledge learning about what transpires after our body no longer is alive. Since society has accepted the realization that “New Age” has been open for discussion, realization that there may to some and is to others, that exists deeper than visibility. “Howard Gardner” an educational theorist, is currently working on his ninth stage of...

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