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Rise of Domestic Violence Against Educated, Professional Women

Rise of Domestic Violence Against Educated, Professional Women There is a prevalent belief that women who face domestic violence or are exploited are from the lower rungs of society. This is just a myth. Women across society face domestic violence. When you look at a professionally successful woman who seems to be climbing up the professional ladder at a break neck speed, you don’t expect her to be a victim of domestic violence. But that’s the catch. It’s a huge stigma in the upper classes to be a victim of domestic violence. Coming out is difficult and everyone eyes...

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The Power of Forgiveness – It’s Better for You than Them

The Power of Forgiveness – It’s Better for You than Them It is much easier to hold a grudge, get angry, seek revenge, self-medicate or self-harm, than it is to forgive. Whatever hand abuse has tainted our life with, (we don’t get to choose how it is delivered) as adults, we get to choose how it affects our lives. There is no other way to be free from the memories, or healed of the scars and the lifetime effects of being the victim of abuse other than through forgiveness. Forgiveness does not excuse, minimize, or release the abuser from...

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The Opinionated Bitch – Mama Was Wrong

Mama Was Wrong “I don’t like your tone.” “I’ll stop nagging you about everything you say when you quit with the sarcasm.” That was my life as a teenager. There was virtually nothing I could communicate with my mother that wasn’t met with her constant complaints about my tone, my bitchiness, my sarcasm, my general snottiness. I couldn’t offer up a “good morning” without being accused of moodiness or being menstrual or just been a typical teenager and it left me so frustrated, I simply stopped talking at all. If I was going to be nagged about every attempt...

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The Opinionated Bitch – On Those Damned Women

Last Saturday morning, in a Kansas City enclave not 20 miles from my home, Kansas City Chiefs starting linebacker, Jovan Belcher, pumped 9 rounds into his girlfriend and the mother of their child, killing her.  He did so in front of their 3 month-old daughter and his mother.  He then crashed his car through the gate of the Chiefs practice facility about a quarter mile from Arrowhead Stadium, thanked his coach and the team general manager, walked outside and as police approached, Belcher shot himself in the temple ending his own life. There are conflicting reports about the kind...

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Can We Ever Love Each Other As Much As We Love Puppies?

Here’s something I’ve noticed. When you really want to make someone feel bad- create shock value- or evoke dark feelings of despair, sadness or regret- there’s not a more effective route than talking about kicking or hurting puppies. Poor puppy! Who doesn’t love a puppy? Sidenote: I LOVE puppies, you guys. I admit it. I don’t have time for one, but I want one so badly. Really. An adorable, fluffy, huggable, loveable, best friend who never competes for the same guys, never stands me up on a Friday, and never tries to get me to write their term paper?...

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Q&A:Breaking Up Safely

From Email: “What do I need to do to keep myself safe?  I’m afraid my partner might get even more abusive if we break up. I don’t like the way this relationship is going, but I don’t know what to do.” When you call a Domestic Violence or Dating Violence hotline, one of the first questions they ask is if you are in safe place and can talk. Once they determine that you can talk safely without getting “in trouble” with your abuser, the dialog starts. It isn’t easy to leave an abusive relationship. There are many things to...

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