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Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes!

Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes! Never try walking in someone else’s shoes. Huge mistake. You don’t know how they will fit. Try and learn compassion even if there are dark clouds overhead. Try and believe what you believe, but have an open mind allowing yourself to learn . Think outside of the box. Do NOT be complacent because you never know what the future holds for you. Learn that not all people have kindness and these are the ones we need to release, send away with kindness and wish them lessons for growth and harmony. Those who...

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A Wise Teacher

…once said, it’s a students questions they address not their answers they reply. A wise teacher once said, “We know our students not by their answers but by the questions they ask.” When we were young and in high school, many of us pondered about where we should go to college and should the school I choose be close to home or far away, have a small student body or a large student body. The question poses itself as, “How am I going to get to where I am to where I want to be?” The world during the...

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This Week on BROADSIDED – An Atheist in the Pulpit

Teresa MacBain became a non-believer after more than 20 years of ministry throughout the deep south. Her ministry experience begin early in life, serving along side her father who was a Baptist minister. She taught in Christian Schools for many years, served as a worship pastor, associate pastor and ultimately senior pastor. Teresa received her B.S. in Christian Education at Samford University and her M.Div at Duke Divinity School. Teresa also holds the distinction of being the first female graduate of The Clergy Project, a private, invitation-only “safe house” community of current and former ministers who no longer hold...

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Have You Ever Felt the Wind or a Touch?

Have You Ever Felt the Wind or a Touch? It was a spring morning when one client of mine expressed feeling the wind in the back of her neck when the day was hot and humid. Outside without an air conditioner, the wind on her neck felt like a breeze of air that momentarily passed right by her as a sign. Another client expressed that he was touched on his shoulder while he was reading. As he quickly turned to see if he were able to identify this touch, he realized that there was not anyone there.My question to...

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“Open Letter To The Nation” by Dr. Leonard Lovett, Ph.D Live! Psyched Fri., June 8th 10amEDT

Please join Ms. Hicks for a very special guest, Dr. Leonard Lovett, Theologian-Ethicist, Educator and Author, and an expert on relationships and marriage. After President Obama openly declared he is in favor of gay couples having the right to marry, Dr. Lovett wrote a poignant Open Letter To The Nation on his thoughts about this divisive debate. Please read the letter below and then join in by phone or chat-line and give your opinions, questions or thoughts, on the debate. This is not only a conversation about  morality and religion, but a serious discussion regarding the November election. OPEN LETTER...

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