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Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes!

Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes! Never try walking in someone else’s shoes. Huge mistake. You don’t know how they will fit. Try and learn compassion even if there are dark clouds overhead. Try and believe what you believe, but have an open mind allowing yourself to learn . Think outside of the box. Do NOT be complacent because you never know what the future holds for you. Learn that not all people have kindness and these are the ones we need to release, send away with kindness and wish them lessons for growth and harmony. Those who...

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Do You Live in the Before or the After?

Do You Live in the Before or the After? I was laying on my mat at the end of a 90 minute Yoga class today when my yoga instructor made reference to “look how far I’ve come” in 10 months with my yoga poses considering my spine issues. (L5-S1 back fusion in 1982 and 4 levels of bone removed from my neck in 2011)   It made me think about Before and After… Before I use to be the only one in class sitting UP while everyone else was bent backwards laying on their mats. Before I could not...

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FAT is Fat right?

 FAT is Fat right? BABY FAT?  Whaaaaaat the heck. Have you ever heard this? You GAIN (a lot of) weight when you’re PREGO and then it takes forever to lose it.  (unless it falls off you the second that kid comes out) You lose it BUT don’t get “credit” for it.  What the heck!!! I don’t know about YOU but when I lost that weight (all 3 times and I only had 1 kid) I wanted BELLS and WHISTLES,  APPLAUSE and CHEERS from everyone, so when someone said….OOH that was just “baby weight” you lost…I thought WHAT…excuuuuse me, FAT...

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A Reader Asks: Overview of the Auric Field and its Defects

A reader of Here Women Talk asked about Auric Fields and the defects that cause disharmony and disease in the physical body.  Here is a brief overview. The human energy field is made up of two major parts – the auric field and the energy (chakra) matrix.  The auric fields exist in layers, or as some call them bodies, with each layer relating to an energy center on the matrix. There are seven major layers of the auric fields.  Many additional layers exist as they extend outward into the Universal energetic flow, however, we will only discuss the three...

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What does a yoga body look like?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I can’t do yoga because (insert denigrating phrase about one’s body here)”? My belly is too big, my muscles are too tight, I’m not strong enough… the list goes on and on. Who ever decided you have to be strong, fit, or flexible to do yoga anyway? And what cultural forces are shaping society’s conception of the appropriate yoga body? Recently, a fun blog we follow called Sociological Images featured an amazing set of photographs depicting olympic athletes from dozens of different sports. The pictures, part of a set by Howard...

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How to Get the Most from Your GP Visit

Doctors are some of the busiest professionals on the planet, so if you’re lucky enough to actually get an appointment, make sure you make the most of your time in the patient’s chair. In order to make the most of your GP visit, it’s best to prepare for your appointment well in advance. Informing the surgery nurse or receptionist of the issues you want to discuss, including any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing, will ensure that any necessary treatments will be actioned straight away. Timing Don’t be pressured into taking an appointment time if it does not suit your schedule. The more you’ve got on your mind when attending a doctor’s appointment, the more you’ll forget to tell your GP. When making an appointment, try scheduling it directly before or after work. This way, your symptoms will be fresh in your mind, and you’ll be able to provide your doctor with all the information he needs to devise a treatment. Topics From clinical trial supplies to hair loss, your GP will have heard every topic of medical discussion under the sun. Many people make appointments with their doctor but fail to accurately describe their symptoms during the visit. In order to get the most out of your trip to the GP, make a list of topics that you want to discuss, including any changes to your health...

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