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Do You Struggle with Paper Clutter?

Do you find that you struggle with paper clutter? This seems to be the area that both businesses and homeowners struggle with the most. It doesn’t matter if you are a small home-based business or a Corporate CEO…too much paperwork can be stressful. Paper Clutter affects everyone! This week I helped a Direct Sales Consultant work through her piles of paperwork. Her personal experience and the reason for her paper clutter was typical.  There was a time that everything used to be organized. All of her paperwork used to be filed and was always kept neat and orderly and she never looked for anything. Then, unexpectedly, life happened and handling the paperwork became too stressful for her to deal with on  a daily basis. Let the Pile Management Begin When life happened, paperwork went into piles, stacks, bins and got tucked into boxes to deal with at a later point. The only problem is that it did not take too long before the paperwork was too overwhelming to deal with and the project of sorting through it all seemed too daunting and impossible to achieve without help. And, the stress of looking for one piece of paper was costing time and money. Something had to be done. It was easier to simply put it into one of the many boxes that were already piled high and hope that it...

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Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Step out of your comfort zone in 2013 and reach your goals.  As I reflect back on this year, I am very excited.  2012 has been an awesome year of personal and professional growth.  New programs have been developed beyond hands-on organization and I have been able to fine-tune and develop systems and processes to help businesses and homeowners become organized. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and TIME MANAGEMENT Developing who you are as a person can be difficult.  It requires self-esteem, control and the ability to recognize who you really are as a person.  When I think back to who I was 7 years ago…I was a totally different person.  I was easily intimidated, I did not speak my mind and I was not a genuinely happy person.  I did what was expected of me, without question.  Somehow I had managed to get through 45 years of my life, raise 3 children and be happily married – or so I thought. My friend, Melanie Yost, once told me that being an Entrepreneur takes hudspa, guts and is the best self-development course that you can take.  Starting Organization Direct, 7 years ago, was a huge step outside of my comfort zone.  I have been able to find the real me.  Being the daughter of a dairy farmer, I was raised to believe that I do my best, work hard and the rewards...

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Organize Your Life – It’s More Than Stuff

This week, I talked to a business owners who shared her story about her “crisis” situation.  If I had talked to most business owners, their crisis would have actually been critical.  However, the great news is that there was no crisis because this business owner was prepared and organized.  Her computer crashed.  She said that it was kinda cool….it flashed pretty colors and blinked really fast before it “died”.  I watched it just fade away!  The great news – she had everything backed up and didn’t lose anything.  No worries! Would you be saying the same thing if your computer crashed?  Or would you go into a severe panic attack because, there is a good possibility that you would lose: Valuable Information Client Contacts All of your forms and documents that you use to run your business Your email contact list Your Life! Being organized is more than just your stuff.  It’s not just about how many material things that you have in your home or office.  It is about thinking ahead about what needs to be taken care of ahead of time.  Planning and preparing for the unknown and if your items are stored in a place that is safe and secure.  For my friend who lost her computer, her comment was, “Of course, I wasn’t worried”.  “I had it backed up with an offsite back-up system so...

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It’s the Little Things that Count | Get Organized Now

I love my Sunday mornings.  My friend and Pastor is guaranteed to preach on something that will resonate with why getting organized.  This week was titled “It’s The Little Things that Count”. Being organized requires time, effort and consistency in doing simple things over and over again.  Repetition, consistency and developing habits are required but really, it is the Little Things that Count. Having systems and processes that you can follow every day makes it easier to be organized.  This strategy can be applied to your home office, your physical office and your home as well.  It can be something as simple as having a place to store your receipts to avoid having them pile up on the first flat surface that you arrive every morning or evening.  My recommendation for your receipts is to keep a coupon holder handy (either in your car, purse or glove compartment).  Designate one slot in the coupon holder for each month of the year and put every receipt that you collect into the appropriate month’s slot.  This will keep all of your receipts together and avoid paper clutter.  You can designate one slot for your bank deposits too.  When the month changes, go through the receipts, scan the receipts that you need to keep onto your computer, shred those that you don’t need to keep and file everything away.  This will keep...

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Scheduling Office Time is Crucial

You’re really busy!  I got it….this is how life is now.  We are always in work mode, transport mode or maintenance mode for our office or home.  And don’t forget your family time! But what about time in your office?  Don’t forget about handling your paperwork and spending time working in your office.  Paperwork and scheduled office time is crucial to your success.  It is very easy to be so absorbed in your clients, networking and your day to day activities that we can forget about scheduling time to keep things running smoothly. Planning just a morning or afternoon each week, just a few hours,  is all that it will take to keep your office organized and keep you focused on your goals.  It will also allow you time to keep yourself focused and in plan mode. There will always be something that can and will easily distract you from taking the time needed to spend in your home office.  Especially if this is the last place that you really want to spend your time.  It is a lonely time, especially if you are an Entrepreneur.  It is necessary for you to be able to motive yourself to file the paperwork, manage your contacts, schedule and follow-up with potential clients and current clients and keep yourself on track.  And…no one appreciates it – except you! It is doing those...

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