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What Happens When the Truth Isn’t the Truth?

What Happens When the Truth Isn’t the Truth? On a cold winter’s day, holding a hot chocolate, I was leaving the library when I came across two elderly people in the parking lot.  I began to observe their responses toward one another.  Clearly they must have been in their eighties.  I observed the warmth and the love they had for one another, yet I wanted to learn more.  I wanted to learn more about human relationships. Since I work with clients through Clinical Hypnosis, I wanted to broaden my quest for understanding what I was watching.  I proceeded to...

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Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes!

Never Try Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes! Never try walking in someone else’s shoes. Huge mistake. You don’t know how they will fit. Try and learn compassion even if there are dark clouds overhead. Try and believe what you believe, but have an open mind allowing yourself to learn . Think outside of the box. Do NOT be complacent because you never know what the future holds for you. Learn that not all people have kindness and these are the ones we need to release, send away with kindness and wish them lessons for growth and harmony. Those who...

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Can We Speak With Animals When They Cross Over?

Can We Speak With Animals When They Cross Over? Do you think we are able to communicate with our pets when they leave our physical plane? Stop for a moment and think. We are able to communicate with people. People and animals that have crossed over give images that connect to the medium and then to the client. Animals have feelings and their vibrations and are tuned into us, perhaps even stronger than a human being. Do you think you can only communicate if you can speak a language? Mr. Ed spoke. He was the talking horse who spoke...

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A Wise Teacher

…once said, it’s a students questions they address not their answers they reply. A wise teacher once said, “We know our students not by their answers but by the questions they ask.” When we were young and in high school, many of us pondered about where we should go to college and should the school I choose be close to home or far away, have a small student body or a large student body. The question poses itself as, “How am I going to get to where I am to where I want to be?” The world during the...

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FACING THE FEAR: THE THINGS THAT SCARE ME – DAY 1 In Vicki Ableson’s second 30 Day Writing Challenge, we are supposed to write about what scares us.  This is going to be an interesting 30 days.  I wonder if I need to put Dr. Kay back on speed-dial? ~*~ Write about what scares us?  What we are afraid of?  Well, that’s no fun.  How about we write about what makes us happy?  No?  Geez… I’d rather write about my sex life than what scares me.  Hey, I could do that!  Be a lot of CAPS and !!!!  And ‘sweary’...

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What If?

What If… If this was your final week and you could do anything, what would it be? The skies were blue but you saw it differently? If you could be anything, what would it be? If you could bring the clock back at least ten years, would you change anything and if so what would it be? If you have one wish to wish for, what would that wish be? What if you had one last sentence to say to someone you loved, how would you express your words? If you could place all ingredients filled with kindness, hope...

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