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I hate spiders! I’ve mentioned that before, haven’t I? Maybe once… or twice? Hate… hate… hate… hate! Tina says that I am being irrational and if I leave them alone, they will leave me alone. Pfffft! Now who’s being irrational? Besides, I see nothing irrational in a little healthy fear of Satan’s spawn! And… the Bible tells us we must be ever vigilant of the devil and his minions. I rest my case. ~*~ To celebrate my 27th birthday (oh… it does look smaller when I use numbers instead of spelling it out) Tina took extra time off from work; the best birthday present she could have given me!  For those of you who know me, there is really only one place to celebrate my birthday… our beach house.  If it is possible to love a place more than a person, the Oregon coast would be that place.  It is the closest thing to heaven on earth… after my sweet little honey, of course! ~*~ Sunday evening.  We’ve spent a wonderful extended weekend at the coast, beach-combing… dining out… dining in… browsing bookstores… hours in front of the big fireplace with wine, soft music and each other… “Best birthday ever, honey!  I love you so much!” and are now settling in for our last evening before heading back to the hustle and bustle of the big city. I’m standing in front of...

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Five Hundred Lunches and Counting

I’ve been having lunch with the same three women nearly every week for the past 12-15 years, depending on which of us you ask. We have all known each other for longer than that, and our lunches began innocuously enough – four friends from the same community getting together to chat and share some gossip. None of us imagined that our weekly lunches would become a treasured and important part of our lives, an appointment we rarely miss and always look forward to, saving good and not-so-good news to share over a bowl of pho or a barbecue chicken...

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What’s In a Name? For Me, It Represents My Journey of Life

What’s In A Name? My blogging life began two years ago as part of my big life transition that involved menopause, remarrying, moving to a new state and an empty nest. Writing became a driving force from within. Words coming from deep inside me, needed to be expressed, and found a home at my blog site. This recent posting was inspired during a morning meditation, as my writing often is. My name was a contemplative thought that morning. My given name was Laurel Wiljanen, accent on the first syllable of the last name. I have one clear memory of...

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Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? BROADSIDED Thurs., Aug. 2nd 11amEDT

As the GOP was starting to ramp up their political machine earlier this year, Broadsided was joined by Conservative pundit, Tricia Erickson. Now that Willard is the presumptive GOP nominee, Carol and Vicki have invited her back to take a serious look at his beliefs. Tricia is the author of “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters-The Mormon Church Versus The Office of the Presidency of The United States”, she is a former Mormon and the daughter of a Mormon Bishop – and she has a lot to say on the topic of Willard “Mitt” Romney and why he’s not fit to be...

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You may feel a little pressure here! Love addict Part 4

You may feel a little pressure here!   It takes little effort to rattle off a list of reasons why it would be enjoyable to have a partner.  In fact if I timed you at 60 seconds I’m positive you could come up with at least 15 benefits of having a partner in your life right now. That is great! Now think of that list again. How many of those benefits only touch the surface of what a relationship should consist of? A vital part of dating is taking the time to understand why you have chosen to date...

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Love Addiction Part 3 The Overdose

Take a Deep Breath! Being single is NOT a disease nor is it this unshakeable cloud hovering over your doorstep. You don’t have a bull’s-eye on your back or a red X on your front. It is NOT assumed by couples you are single as a result of some inability and certainly your current single status is NOT what defines your future relationship status. What it does signify is your persistence to relate to another person who is suited for you and to not pass the time by hooking up with someone you know is not a match for...

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