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Sync Your Internal IPod For a Prosperous New Year

  It is an amazing and miraculous time to be alive.  The vastness of the cosmos, the acceleration of time, and the higher energetic vibrations are awe inspiring.  It is truly an epic time to be alive, to be fulfilling soul destines, and to be part of ‘tribes’ that serve to lift us all up together. Are you not feeling it?  Your work not awesomazing?  Don’t feel you are able to work at your full potential? You are not alone.  Many are out there feeling the vibrations lift and feeling like they are being left behind.  The energetic flow...

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A “Doable” Plan To Create Your Vision into Reality

A “Doable” Plan To Create Your Vision into Reality Are you standing at the cross roads of life wondering where you are supposed to go? Confused about even what your vision or plan is?  Is it truly possible to go from a lost soul to become a visionary leader?  As the New Year approaches, are you wanting to develop a simple, clear, and “doable” plan of action to create the reality you desire – your vision for the New Year? Here is the key to creating that plan of action – you have to know what your authentic path in...

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What is the Feminine Divine Spirit Within?

What is Sexuality?  What is Spirit?  Can you unite the two?   Would I want to unite the two? As a society we have created some perceptions that have actually caused us to block off some of the innate abilities that is within each of us. Religion and dogma have taught us that even to talk about sexuality cannot be spiritual in any way, shape or form.   We have developed fears and phobias in respect to our sexual natures.  We have developed fears and phobias in respect to our true spiritual natures as well. Sexuality is simply the power within the energy system of your...

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A Cup of Meditation

Coffee is so refreshing, depressing, oppressing and French Pressing! Back when coffee wasn’t so cool (or hot, if you prefer), it was considered the sinister drink of the devil! In fact, Sultan Murad IV, Ottoman Empire, would have cut off your head for even the slightest suspicion that you consumed this now coveted beverage. “If you look at the rhetoric about drugs that we’re dealing with now — like, say, crack — it’s very similar to what was said about coffee,” Stewart Allen, author of The Devil’s Cup: Coffee, the Driving Force in History. I know what you are...

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Be True to Yourself and Your Passion Will Find You

by Tonya Sheridan I often have women come to me who are struggling to find their passion and purpose in life. Some of them have had a major change in their life such as a divorce or their youngest or only child going off to college and others are just not satisfied with the work they are doing. What I know from my own personal experience and from working with many women over the years, is that when you find yourself, your passion finds you. It all starts from your interior, if you learn to turn inward, this is where all of your wisdom and strength lies. This...

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Scaredy cats of the world move away from the warm milk

 This might sound a little strange (it does to me) but it really did happen. To me. I have been going to a Buddhist Sangha every Sunday morning to meditate since last spring. Most days, my life speeds by in a blur.  Sound familiar? I knew I needed an outlet where I could put my brain out to dry for a couple of hours. And this worked. I could still feel the benefits of meditating a few days later. Hot damn! But then I started to notice something odd. Our mediation teacher was picking on me. Every Sunday, I...

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