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Clearing the Mind Clutter

Clearing the Mind Clutter Mind clutter is overwhelming. I’m just arriving back from a Conference with over 500 Entrepreneurs in my industry. I have to say that I was a bit nervous…thinking about how that many “organizers” would act in one place. (Of course, I was assuming that they would be OCD!) I was able to meet several hundred of them and now I’m left with the daunting task of following up with everyone.   Conferences are great. They are energizing and motivating and leave you with great and awesome intentions. Taking those intentions and turning them into a plan...

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5 Tips for Filing Your Taxes

5 Tips For Organizing Your Taxes 1. Know your stuff. It is vital to know what kind of information you should be collecting and keeping track of in order to do your taxes. Talk to your accountant, do some research or read best-selling tax books about your specific situation (i.e. own a small business or pay student loan debt), so that you know exactly what information you need to gather throughout the year. That brings us to the next tip… 2. Keep a running list. There are all kinds of documents that you could need for organizing your taxes, so keep...

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Stop Chasing Squirrels – Stay Focused

Stop Chasing Squirrels – Stay Focused Do you see squirrels climbing around in the trees outside the windows, instead of paying attention to what you really should be doing – like checking off the things that are on your To Do List? It is cute to watch them jump from tree limb to tree limb and chase each other up and down the tree. It is easy to lose track and focus. Lots of times there are a million other things that I would rather be doing – other than the menial things that are part of my daily...

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Paperwork = Stress: An Easy System is the Answer

Paperwork = Stress! An Easy System is the Answer The amount of paperwork that we receive every day just gets overwhelming and paperwork can cause stress. Paperwork is the hot topic for most every one of my business and home-based business clients.  Having a business, especially one that is run out of the home means that there is twice as much paperwork coming into the house. Even if you have a P.O. Box, the mail comes back into the house and then…well, where does it go. More stress. We are only 15 days into the New Year and every...

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Efficient Paper Management Systems

Efficient Paper Management Systems Take a peak at the efficiency of your file management system and determine if it is meeting your needs. Are you still spending too much time “looking” for paperwork? Having an efficient File Management System requires an system that you can work “in” and “with”   all year long. Paperwork is one of those necessary evils (like marketing for your business). I know…you can have all of your paperwork digitized, pay your bills online and become as paperless as possible. However, I don’t see how we will be totally paperless any time in the near future....

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Getting Organized Isn’t Easy

Getting Organized isn’t Easy Whether you own a business or are a homemaker, getting organized isn’t easy. This is why it may be helpful to call an Organizing Consultant. Their ideas can allow you to think outside the box and get organized. Getting Organized Isn’t Easy. I relate it to raising children – it doesn’t come with instructions. If raising children and getting organized came with instructions, life would be great! There wouldn’t be nearly as much stress and anxiety in the world. What is the Right Way to Getting Organized? I think this is what stops people from...

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