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Do you use your Intuition or Trust?

Do you use your Intuition or Trust? There is a difference between trust and intuition. Intuition is a feeling that exists as a subconscious feeling, which is the subconscious allowing 80% of the brain to have inner knowledge.  The brain triggers that what you feel makes sense and provides clarity.  It allows the ability to feel either a positive or a negative feeling. Similar to a pendulum, it will provide you with a yes or a no.  Trust is where you can put your feelings and your heart and soul into the hands of another person and know that...

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The Cycles of Friendship – “Thanks for Stopping By”

The Cycles of Friendship – “Thanks for Stopping By…” Over the last 4 years I have experienced some of the biggest, bad ass and yet most bountiful shifts in my life. I left a marriage… and found my self. I lost close friends…. and opened to new family. I dumped definitions…. and fell in love with my no labels no veils sublimely naked spirit. And in the end I came home… to me. Through this experience of floating in a sea of change (learning to not attempt to swim upstream against the current of the cosmos), one of the...

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Out of the Clutter of A Writer’s Mind

Out of the Clutter of a Writer’s Mind: I Hate Spiders! I hate spiders! I’ve mentioned that before, haven’t I? Maybe once… or twice? Hate… hate… hate… hate! Tina says that I am being irrational and if I leave them alone, they will leave me alone. Pfffft! Now who’s being irrational? Besides, I see nothing irrational in a little healthy fear of Satan’s spawn! And… the Bible tells us we must be ever vigilant of the devil and his minions. I rest my case. ~*~ To celebrate my 27th birthday (oh… it does look smaller when I use numbers...

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Powerful Mindset And Steps To Get Over A Breakup

Powerful Mindset And Steps To Get Over A Breakup Why it’s called breakup? Because something in the relationship is broken.  Going through the breakup is hard but can’t be avoided. In this article, I will share an important mind set and 7 steps you can take to make the recovery easier. I will also introduce the ultimate goal of recovering from a breakup. You may find other places taking about how to get over a breakup, but I rarely see anywhere introduce the concept of mind set. Why mind set? As we all know how powerful mind set can...

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Discover Why Do Men Cheat and Reasons Behind It

When it comes to men and relationships, one such question that gets thrown around among women is ‘why do men cheat’?  This question has been thrown around in many conversations among women for the past few years but it seems that the question is as fresh as ever. And even though there are reports of infidelities initiated by a woman (think of the high-profile love affair of Kirsten Stewart with her director), still the concept of cheating is always attributed by default to men. So what makes men cheat? Well there are a number of researches, articles and studies...

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5 Libido Boosting Tips

If you go to the movies, take a walk through the local shopping centre or turn on the television, you’ll probably think that everyone’s sex life is a darn sight better than yours. Holding hands, kissing in public and all-round romanticism is all the rage everywhere you look – so what’s holding you back? Well, in the real world, our sex lives are all but raging. The grind of the 9-5 leaves many of us stressed and tired from work, and whenever we’re not in the office we’re sleeping off the late nights we do spend catching up on work. Even when we do get a few moments of peace and quiet, they’re used for relaxation and to catch up on the mountains of washing we leave piled up in our kitchens – there just isn’t any time to socialise. This leaves inadequate opportunities for instant gratification, much of which is short lived and a long way from the hours of lovemaking we all aspire to master. If we look back to our youthful teens and early twenties, the endless hours of sexual activity seemed to absorb an entire summer, and yet we still found time to study and work our part-time jobs. The Summer of 69 So what’s changed? Most of us would agree that our university or college days were pretty dam stressful, but there was always...

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