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I Got Soul (but I’m not a soldier): Soldiers Aren’t The Only Ones With PTSD. They are just the only ones being treated for it.

Last night I began a solo performance class- where, at the end of the night, each student got up to improvise a character. A man brushed past me and snuck onto the stage inconspicuously, portraying a character who was uncomfortable receiving attention. The teacher, who took a few minutes to “interview” each character, said hello to him, and he abruptly shrieked. And, to my complete and utter embarrassment, so did I. With credit to myself, it was jarring, and I wasn’t the only one to react with fear or surprise, but my shriek, I regret to admit, was slightly...

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Changing Tide – Secrets Revealed

This weekend, after many long years, I will share my secret journey of having left home at the age of 13 to where I am today with a member of my immediate biological family who happens to be in the medical profession. Why? To finally answer their questions which range from why are you not now married to why are you not working where you once did. “That” legal agreement I signed allows me to do so. I kinda think tonight’s moon may have something to do with it, too. Not only that, but I think my new found...

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National STI Awareness Month

Not only is April national poetry month and a little more odd national pecan month, it’s also national STI awareness month. STI awareness month is a time to remind people of the dangers of unprotected intercourse and to nudge people to get tested if they’re sexually active. As a women I can’t stress how important testing really is. Some sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can be asymptomatic meaning you or your partner may be infected and not show any symptoms and these infections can have some very serious consequences. While they are treatable if you aren’t diagnosed early they...

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Fire the Judge; Defrock the Priest and Other Necessary Acts

Ladyjustice recently fantasized in a blog comment, what a great moment it would be from the perspective of this homicide survivor, to see none other than Susan Murphy Milano effectively de-throne and ceremoniously remove the judicial robe of the judge who ultimately ordered supervised visits of the Powell children with their father Josh, after he lost custody.  What a photo opportunity!  This writer would pay money to see that one! To “be fair,” Ladyjustice is well aware that it was a particular set of circumstances that set the events in motion – like the domino effect… and not one...

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Young Men Railroaded & Unfairly Labeled Sex Offenders

When it comes to defending those who have been sexually and physically abused, I’m usually first in that persons corner, trying to help them through their own personal trauma.  But when it comes to those who are framed and falsely accused- I get rather angry! As of late, I have ran across a couple of different situations of where the person who cried rape, gets the one she or he has accused of this crime locked up in jail, then ruins this persons life and reputation.  The one who is accused of this, (in this first true life story,)...

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