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Who You Were, Are, and Will Be

Who You Were, Are, and Will Be Self-reflection is something I believe extremely important and often under-utilized.  The question I pose is this: Have you taken the time to think about your beliefs and values and then compared them to those you held in your teens?  Furthermore, have you examined what has changed about you and your beliefs or how your perspective has changed since you were a teen? The reason that I pose this question is that I think it is very important to see the differences in things that teens and adults place value or belief in.  Obviously, as a teen...

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Q&A:Breaking Up Safely

From Email: “What do I need to do to keep myself safe?  I’m afraid my partner might get even more abusive if we break up. I don’t like the way this relationship is going, but I don’t know what to do.” When you call a Domestic Violence or Dating Violence hotline, one of the first questions they ask is if you are in safe place and can talk. Once they determine that you can talk safely without getting “in trouble” with your abuser, the dialog starts. It isn’t easy to leave an abusive relationship. There are many things to...

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It’s About Your Teen: MTV’s Teen Mom

What can I say about MTV? This station is somewhat of an enigma for me. I will admit to watching a few shows, yes, they are entertaining for me. As an advocate for Teen Dating Violence, I find myself watching more of the shows that I wouldn’t have ever given the time of day. Teen Mom is one of those shows. I am not their target audience because I am not a teen, I am not pregnant, and I do not have baby daddy drama. I made the decision to watch the show because I saw a preview of...

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It’s About Your Teen: Cell Phones

A tool of the trade, your cell phone. A cell phone is something that we have grown to depend on not only in an emergency but for catching up with friends, entertainment, and photo-taking. Phones today, store our contacts, call history, calendars, texts, web history, photos, social networking history, and much much more. Many of us couldn’t live without the ease and convenience our phones. For a teen, they are a lifeline to their social lives and school culture. Most teens wouldn’t think of living without their phones. If one of the teens that love their phone is also...

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Q&A: Leave Me Alone, Completely!

  Anonymous Email Question: “I was dating this guy from school and it was pretty serious until he started pressuring me and then yelling at me.  He apologized but when it happened again, and it was worse, he grabbed my arm in anger and left a bruise. I broke up with him, but,  I need to know how do I make sure he leaves me alone completely?”   In an average break-up moving on is hard. You have to deal with the emotional issues and work through them. In a Dating Violence relationship the break up is extra hard....

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It’s Your Teen: Compassion

Bruises.  Emotional scars.  Depression.  Self-loathing.  Black eyes.  Shame.  Educating about Teen Dating Violence is a messy business.  No matter what, no matter how early I catch a child, I still meet victims.  They are either secondary victims of domestic violence in their household or they have already been a victim of teen dating violence.  The youngest that I spoke with was 10.  Her elementary school boyfriend shoved her for talking to her friends at recess instead of him.   I know that the key to ending domestic violence and teen dating violence is combining reaction with pro-action.  We, as a...

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