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Rise of Domestic Violence Against Educated, Professional Women

Rise of Domestic Violence Against Educated, Professional Women There is a prevalent belief that women who face domestic violence or are exploited are from the lower rungs of society. This is just a myth. Women across society face domestic violence. When you look at a professionally successful woman who seems to be climbing up the professional ladder at a break neck speed, you don’t expect her to be a victim of domestic violence. But that’s the catch. It’s a huge stigma in the upper classes to be a victim of domestic violence. Coming out is difficult and everyone eyes...

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Fifty Shades of Gray Roots

Fifty Shades of Gray Roots Hello…my name is Jane…I’m fifty-eight years old…and…I have…gray hair…I haven’t always been this way…in fact…it was about thirty years ago…that…I noticed the first silvery intruder in my light brown locks… I’d like to say that I am one of those women…who decided to age gracefully…to be exactly the way the good Lord made me…but that ain’t exactly so… I’m scrappy…I put up a fight… Now I know…I should never have plucked it…I’d always heard that they come back in multiples…but…it was so tempting…shining…all by itself in the midst of a sea of brown…I couldn’t...

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Breaking the Mold of Motherhood

Breaking the Mold of Motherhood I can still see the look of shock on an acquaintance’s face when they discovered I was a mother.  “Where is your son?” they asked me, quizzically… seeming completely confused by the fact that no toys lined my kitchen floor. “He lives with his Dad in Canada” I responded… waiting to see if they would repeat the common look of surprise and discomfort that accompanies this reply. Sure enough, there it was.  Confusion. Mind Boggled.  Not quite sure what to say. Now I’ve been through this many times and it has become one of...

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Thinspiration – A Cultural Thing

Thinspiration – A Cultural Thing This past year, I did a thesis project on how Western culture has spread serial murder. I figured that if Western culture could spread capitalism, it could also spread serial murder. But a newly named way of thinking called “thinspriation” appears to have also been spread by current Western thinking and every woman has thought and still thinks about being thin. The women of Western culture like to portray themselves as independent women who do not have to fear their governments, the male population, or their security in their society; yet, the women of...

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FAT is Fat right?

 FAT is Fat right? BABY FAT?  Whaaaaaat the heck. Have you ever heard this? You GAIN (a lot of) weight when you’re PREGO and then it takes forever to lose it.  (unless it falls off you the second that kid comes out) You lose it BUT don’t get “credit” for it.  What the heck!!! I don’t know about YOU but when I lost that weight (all 3 times and I only had 1 kid) I wanted BELLS and WHISTLES,  APPLAUSE and CHEERS from everyone, so when someone said….OOH that was just “baby weight” you lost…I thought WHAT…excuuuuse me, FAT...

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“The Batman Massacre” at Dark Knight Rises Premiere

The last installment in the Dark Knight trilogy, Dark Knight Rises, came out in theaters last night at midnight. Batman fans flocked to theaters everywhere to see this epic conclusion on the big screen. However, one fan was apparently not ready for it to end. In Aurora, Colorado a 24 year old James Holmes, student at the University of Colorado came into the Century 16 Movie Theaters during the midnight release and began firing upon the innocent movie goers. James Holmes was a Ph. D student from San Diego at the University of Colorado, pursing his degree in neuroscience....

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