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How does Yoga Help your Empowerment and Self-Realization

Yoga, Empowerment, and Self-Realization There are few things that are more attractive than someone who is filled with self-love, confidence, and a wonderful sense of adventure, humor, and ease. All these things come from living a life that we enjoy, one that lets us be the best version of ourselves. But, this may be easier said than done. Living in today’s world is stressful and it can take an emotional, physical, or mental toll on our lives. Oftentimes, we find ourselves feeling trapped, caught up in feelings of “what if” and worry. Living like this is a guaranteed way...

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Do You Live in the Before or the After?

Do You Live in the Before or the After? I was laying on my mat at the end of a 90 minute Yoga class today when my yoga instructor made reference to “look how far I’ve come” in 10 months with my yoga poses considering my spine issues. (L5-S1 back fusion in 1982 and 4 levels of bone removed from my neck in 2011)   It made me think about Before and After… Before I use to be the only one in class sitting UP while everyone else was bent backwards laying on their mats. Before I could not...

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Drugged Up Spirituality?

  “Let me apologize to begin with, let me apologize for what I’m about to say. But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed, and somehow I got caught up in between.” ~ Linkin Park If I had known, in the beginning , that by turning my back on the fuzzy world of overpaid, pill happy,”doctors”, I would propel myself into the darkest, saddest place I have ever been, I can’t truthfully say I wouldn’t have done it. That being said, I really did give it my best shot on my own, which was kind of worse...

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What does a yoga body look like?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I can’t do yoga because (insert denigrating phrase about one’s body here)”? My belly is too big, my muscles are too tight, I’m not strong enough… the list goes on and on. Who ever decided you have to be strong, fit, or flexible to do yoga anyway? And what cultural forces are shaping society’s conception of the appropriate yoga body? Recently, a fun blog we follow called Sociological Images featured an amazing set of photographs depicting olympic athletes from dozens of different sports. The pictures, part of a set by Howard...

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In the celebration of life and movement, let’s go over some of the most beautiful yoga poses that incorporate balance. We will discuss what makes balance so important for health and vitality, and how your balance can and will improve as long as you periodically test your balance and let your body do what it does without having to think about it in your frontal lobe. Balance training ensures neuromuscular efficiency of what is termed the kinetic chain, or the combination and interrelation of the nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems. In balance training at entry level, very little joint...

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What Energizes You?

It is that question that got my attention last week:  What energizes you? When do you feel most energized? Is it when you’re with people, or alone? Is it when you’re at your job, or is it a hobby? We don’t spend enough time feeling energized and alive, do we? I finally realized this for myself just recently after I had been sick for 6 weeks, finally went to the doctor, and she said “You’ve got Bronchitis a Sinus Infection AND an Upper Respiratory Infection…” Wow. Nothing like being laid up for 3 whole days to really give you...

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