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The Roar of Gay RIghts: Are You Listening?

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I am not a second class citizen. We will not be treated as separate, but “equal.” We will win because the current is too strong to stop.

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alessandrasagredo January 20, 2012 Reply

If you could hear me right now you’re ears would be full of my cheering on! And if you could see me you’d witness a woman trying to clap for you and type at the same time. Thanks for shouting out the truth.

Thank you! And I knew I heard something, but I thought it was just another earthquake. :) I love your website, it is stunning. I will check back to it often!

Donna R. Gore January 19, 2012 Reply

What a compilation of ignorance and hate! Mike Wallace was the journalistic dinosaur of ” that era” along with all of the other severely misguided people in this video!! T certainly hope California recaptures the momentum…..before I move west! I am not a second class citizen either…. I am a “classy citizen deserving of respect who just happens to be gay!”
Perhaps the HWT readers would like to read my unique tribute to Harvey Milk….. several months ago…. If so, the link is:
Thanks so much!
Donna “Ladyjustice

This is wonderful! Harvey Milk was lost in history for today’s youth, until Milk was released a few years ago. I am glad that we have him voice being heard again.

kay January 18, 2012 Reply

P.S. We’ve featured you post on the main page of

kay January 18, 2012 Reply

Very sad video, Josh. We will win, not only because the current of change is too strong to stop, but also because it’s right. Thank you for sharing.

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