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The Sheena Morris Case on Time’s Up! With Susan Murphy Milano Thur., July 26th 2pm EDT

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As many of you know, Susan is currently fighting for her life battling Stage IV cancer. In doing so, she is not able to do her weekly live show, understandably so. You can follow her blogs at In her absence, HWT is replaying shows and cases that Susan is very passionate about. One of those cases is Sheena Morris, age 22, murdered in a hotel in Anna Maria Island, FL on January 1, 2009.

The initial death certificate stated cause of death as “suicide.”  The lack of experience by the responding “detectives” at the crime scene make the character created on the Andy Griffith show- Barney Fife, look like a genius.

Susan presented the Sheena Morris case, including the original crime scene photos, at the Indiana Coroner’s Annual conference in June. The response of over 400 deputies and coroner’s in attendance? The photos clearly indicate homicide.  Why hasn’t the case been re-opened since the medical examiner changed the death certificate to “undetermined?”

Susan explained to the audience that the City of Bradenton Beach, Manatee County, and the State of Florida are refusing justice because they are afraid of being sued by the family of Sheena Morris because they flucked up the entire investigation.

To show the “powers that be” that the community is outraged that this case has not been handled properly, there will be a March For Justice on Sunday, July 29th, 9-11:22 am, on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa, FL, along with a similar support march in New York. Bring your signs. Bikers are welcome to ride.

If you can come out, lend your voice, show support or re-post this on your twitter and Facebook accounts, it will show a collective force of action in the name of  The family is asking for the case to be re-opened. Bradenton Beach Police are refusing to do their jobs!

Here Women Talk will be replaying the programs where Susan revealed the details of this case to her listeners. She was joined by Sheena’s mom, Kelly Osborne, in some. These shows will air Thursday, July 19th at 2pm EDT and Thursday, July 26th at 2pm EDT.

A $10,000 REWARD is being offered to the person providing information that leads to an arrest & conviction for the murder of Sheena Morris on January 1, 2009

Contact Kelly Osborn


Reward is being provided by the family of Sheena Morris

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Shawn Whitmire October 27, 2012 Reply

I am going through the same thing. My 16 year old daughter was found shot at her fathers house on September13, 2011. Jennifer had absolutly no signs of depression. Her hands were bagged and tested negitive for GSR. Her finger prints were not on the gun and the gun was found in a shoe box.!/JusticeForJenniferWhale

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