Each week Colin challenges Dustin to squeeze in more and more in one hour. Dustin will have to work some magic this week, as Colin has a show not to be missed! He’s kicking off this week’s show with the next installment of Sheepshead Bay Blvd., which we’re all dying to hear. I understand this episode is worth the wait! If you missed the first few, click (here) to listen to the archives.

Author David Pratt

Next up, Colin will try to get an answer to the question, “What is a gay book”? Of course it’s a book attracted to books of the same gender! Well, we’ll let author David Pratt explain, but he’s started quite a phenomenon with his book, “Bob the Book“, amazingly written very quickly and on a whim, and published quite by accident. No toiling for years, no stacks of rejection letters. So how’d he do it? The book touches a nerve, something everyone can relate to, relationships. How they succeed, how they fail, how we try too hard, or not enough. So gay or straight, that really has no bearing, it just boils down to relationships and how we all want that perfect one. David chose to humanize books as his characters, and it works! Although many of the “characters” are gay, surprisingly, straight women are Bob’s biggest fan base. So why do I call it a phenomenon? Any book about a book named Bob that falls in love, searches for love, interacts with other book characters, and then ends up with his own Facebook page, I think should be called a phenomenon. Listen, read, you decide. I’ve already “liked” the page.

And last, but certainly not least, Colin introduces us to Kristine Mills, an acclaimed and award-winning singer-songwriter from Houston, who is performing in New York City this week and would love to bring attention to her music and great talent not only in NYC, but also to audiences in Chicago, Miami, Rio de Janeiro and beyond. Her voice, as they say, is like “buttah”! Click on the album cover to the right and see for yourself. She also happens to be a client of Colin’s, so could we get her to spill a secret or two about Colin?

Well Dustin, you have your work cut out for you. All this in one hour-Good Luck!

The real winners are all of us listeners that tune in, so don’t miss it!

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