These days with the growing population of older Americans, the buzzword is, Anti-Aging. It seems that no one wants to age. And with good reason! The way aging is pictured in America, there’s plenty of reason to dread getting older. Just check the media images of older people. It’s enough to make us crawl under a blanket and hide.

But is there any hope of turning this dreaded scenario around? You bet there is!

Ever since Superman rolled back the Wheel of Time and Ponce de Leon sought the Fountain of Youth, we have been fighting to stop the aging process. Whether or not we can win this battle depends on our attitude towards getting older. The mind is a powerful instrument. Focus on the negative, and sure enough, that’s what you’ll get.

If we view our lives only from the perspective of chronological age, we can, in fact, feel like a victim of Time. But if, instead, we use our years to grow and learn and become glowing examples of exquisite aging, we will enrich our own lives and add immeasurably to the lives of everyone… especially the young who are seeking inspiring role models.

To counter my own negativity, I created positive motivators, called“Hattietudes”.  One of my favorites is:

The opposite of old isn’t young… it’s NEW!

So, I’ve chosen not to waste my energy fighting Time, but instead to find my own personal style of aging. I stopped cursing Time, and despising aging. The result? I found radical techniques for remaining youthful, vital and beautiful at every age. And, one of the joys of my life is to share them with you.

Yes, there is hope. Claim your individual, unique beauty, and share it with the world. After all, everyone is destined to grow old…but hating aging and spending our mature years fighting it only backfires. Instead of cursing Time, embrace it and be determined to do whatever you can to be healthy, fit and sexual at every age. This is a personal choice that each of us must make.

It starts with a shift in attitude. You can choose to make Time your ally, not your enemy. And guess what? As soon as you make this shift, it will color every aspect of your life delivering you the blessing of lifelong youthfulness.

Hating Aging? No Way!

Embracing Aging? You bet!

What choice will you make?