What the hell is wrong with this country?

Time magazine’s cover (yeah, this is for all the hermits of the world who have had their electricity cut off) shows a pretty young mother whose son is feeding from one of her breasts. The overwhelming negative reaction has simply floored me.

The reaction has gone from “barf” to “I don’t want to see them.” Over 70% of people polled are grossed out about a woman showing her breasts on the cover of Time. Her three year old son is getting milk from his mother’s breast. It’s not like she is sharing some crack with her toddler. It’s milk! And her son does not appear to be malnourished. That is part of the function of the breasts.

Would we have gone to war if part of the nipple was exposed? What a bunch of boobs.

I can only imagine what the response would have been if they had used an overweight woman on the cover. The reaction would have been that only fat pigs whip it out in public. And don’t tell me it wouldn’t have been that kind of uproar. A bunch of hippie freaks who are trying to overthrow the government by exposing their breasts.

France is looking really good about now.

People were annoyed that this woman appears to be healthy and slender. We women cannot win. This country makes us feel like something is wrong with us all the time. That somehow our breasts are vile and not one of the most beautiful parts of our bodies.

Breasts are really quite stunning and should be revered and not reviled. Regardless of the size and shape, whether they are healthy or not, our breasts offer beauty and in some cases… life itself.

Are we so afraid of the human body? Are we afraid about how the body functions? (I know my family is, but that is another blog).  Are we just a bunch of puritanical and hypocritical misfits who feel the sight of a breast is a justified reason for the majority of Americans to have a meltdown? Grow up.

I can hear the comments already: the breast is not to be shown in public. Keep it behind closed doors. Breastfeeding should be done with the lights out. Nourishing your child after a certain age will lead them to the psychiatrist’s chair one day.

I like my breasts. I don’t need this country giving them an inferiority complex.

Hey, folks, Al Qaeda is looking to attack us again.

And just for the record –I wrote this blog while topless.


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