Too many times we allow other people to write our story. We try to live the way others think we should live, do what others want us to do, think the way others feel we should think, and act the way others expect us to act. We allow others to dictate the day’s of our lives.

I am no exception. I admit to doing, acting, saying, etc., what other people want. If I really ask myself why, the most honest answer I can give is that it’s easier that way. There is less drama, less conflict, and everybody is happy… Except me.

As ‘Independent’ as I think I am or as ‘Strong’ as I try to be, I often times feel I’m walking through life on ‘egg shells’. Trying to make sure everybody is happy, trying to figure out what I did wrong if they’re not, and hoping I can understand what I am supposed to do next.

I started to realize that I was not writing my own story. I have allowed other people who, more likely than not, don’t give a damn about me, determine my paths.

My control over my destiny was gone. I don’t know when I lost it. I don’t know who I allowed to take it. Or if I ever had it in the first place.

But, whatever the reason ‘Control’ left me in the first place, I am determined to get it back. I am determined to regain control. I can’t be who others want me to be. I can only be ME.

I may not be able to rewrite the pages of my life that have already been written, but I will definitely be the writer of the pages to come.