“There’s A Werewolf In Town” Starring Colin Lively, Judy Stadt & Susie Sexton

Judy Stadt

Back in the day our shows were on the radio, and the suspense and intrigue were as frightening as any Nightmare On Elm Street movie. Join Colin as he narrates his first live radio play, starring the amazing Judy Stadt as the Werewolf and Father, and the unpredictable Susie Sexton as various townspeople. Can this group stick to a script? If I were a betting woman, my guess is you’ll witness some fantastic ad-libbing!

Susie Sexton

Later in the show, Susie will stick around to give her opinion on the state of our society. She is an unapologetic Liberal, an animal activist, a newspaper columnist, and interestingly enough, married to a Republican. Truth be told, he has some “attributes” she likes very much, political affiliation aside! She is not afraid to give her stance on a subject, and her sometimes controversial thoughts on many things long believed to be true. Take the book To Kill A Mockingbird written by Harper Lee…or was it really Truman Capote? Gone With The Wind written by Margaret Mitchell??? Or her newpaper/journalist hubby? What else will she say? Luckily it’s internet radio, so Dustin doesn’t need to keep his finger on a censor button!

So Join Colin and his cast of Merry Women as they take us back to a time when we needed our imagination to be entertained!

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