Do you Ever Feel the Presence of Your Loved Ones?

Feeling the presence of a loved one is comforting. Many people reflect by questioning if what they are feeling or seeing really exists. How can we determine if what we are feeling is fact or imagination?

happy anniversaryWhen I was younger, my mom had a dinner party. My dad had crossed over three years prior to this dinner. It happened to be on her anniversary. Without guests having knowledge of this date, one of the guests bought a cake for desert. As she opened the box, the cake read, “Happy Anniversary”. The family apologized throughout the evening, yet my mother knew it was my father letting her know that day was their anniversary. It brought tears to her eyes, yet happiness knowing he was there.

The strongest sense that we as human beings have is our intuition. Our intuition is a feeling that we get from within. It allows the mind to connect with a situation and know what feels right or wrong. Each situation is different for all of us. Some people may feel a presence of someone who has crossed over to the other veil; others may see a vision moving. Many people will hear a sound; others will receive a personal message. Some may present their validation through smell and others will receive a dream that feels real when they awake.

As a medium, specific validations from the other side come through in a number of ways — smells, dates, something only the client will have knowledge of, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  Some people see a quick movement or a vision of a person. Some feel their loved one at the side of their bed.

As a medium, I feel a thickening of the air. The soul clearly identifies himself or herself to me with either being a male, a stronger presence or a female a softer presence. Names, smells and validations come through to me.

Those in the physical tend to either know what they feel or see is reality, others may think coincidence. My experiences and validations confirm that there are no coincidences. In fact, things happen for a reason. How many people have had electrical components go on and off? How about a light bulb going out more often than usual or a toaster oven that is acting up or a significant song playing repeatedly? How about a television turning on by itself? How about being spoken with in their dreams?

Something may happen usually when we are not expecting it to happen. Pay attention to all of the signs! They are trying to communicate their love to you.

In my book soon to become alive, you will be able to read about the many validations that I have confirmed for those clients who question if their loved ones are still around. Many tend to work with electrical components. Their personalities remain the same. Your loved ones are trying to let you recognize that they are still around you and that they indeed have not died, only the physical body has but the soul continues to learn and live.

intuitionOur intuition is one of the strongest senses; it needs to be added to our list of senses as sense number six.

If you find a coin repetitively, pick it up. Pennies from heaven. If you see movement, they are using ectoplasm to allow themselves to visualize for you. Some souls will make us smell a specific flower such as a rose. During the first year, souls who have crossed over to the other veil are most active. Not that the validations stop, but that the adjustment to their surroundings become acclimated and they are able to move onward to other things.

As I mentioned, those who have crossed over will make themselves present more often in the first year versus the following years. Be certain that you will continue to feel your loved ones around you and be aware of the message or feelings that you receive. Souls most definitely connect with us. The love continues and enables us in the physical to feel comfort that they are still around and love us unconditionally.


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