The holidays are under way. “Food Glorious Food” often takes center stage at this time of year. Many people tell me they’re worried about adding pounds during the holidays.  (There are some people who, actually, do need to add pounds.)  However, just subtracting or adding them isn’t what health is really about. The one thing that’s important across the board is getting your optimum nourishment.  I’m pretty sure that food was put on Earth for us to live. Living beings, as far as we know, at least as things are now, need food to live.  If I were some other being that was totally different from Earthlings and I witnessed what happens with food and humans, I think I’d be pretty shocked. Would you?

I’m getting more and more convinced that over the millennia man/womankind has drifted away from having correct perception of what food is about. It became a “reward” instead of a natural part of existing.   We all have a lot in common body-wise, but each of us has our own make-up. We’ve learned a lot in recent years about the different food needs of different individuals. We’ve also learned about genealogy and how it affects our individual needs.   For example, I thought Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s “blood type” theories were hokum – until I was advised to read the book.  It made total sense to me and I even visited his office in Connecticut.  My health began changing for the better. I love not having osteoarthritis, extra pounds, etc, etc.  I also use other sources for research. I’ve found that there are various criteria to be considered when choosing what to pick from the buffet table.  Have you done any research on your body’s needs? I found it to actually fun to learn this stuff.

One of the big AHA moments I had was the moment I realized that much of what I chose to eat came from well meaning teachers!  Again – “You’ve To Be Taught!” This is becoming a main theme for me. Most of the times I say NO to myself, it’s because I was taught to. What makes it difficult to see that this is the case is that the people who taught me wanted only for my best!   They just didn’t know – AND – now we can learn. Would you like to know what’s best for you?  Would you like to know what’s best for your kids and grand kids? I think it’s worth taking the time to go to different doctors and nutritionists and read to find out.

HOLIDAYS! “Darling – take another bite of that apple pie! Grandma worked so hard to make it good for you!” Or, as is more likely today, “Grandma brought us this delicious pie from the bakery you love! Make Grandma (or whoever) feel good by eating it!  Christmas means pudding and Chanukah means honey puffs and latkes and Cuanza mean, etc.  We’re TAUGHT to like certain foods. I betcha- if we just roamed the fields without anyone telling us what to eat, we’d choose to eat what’s healthiest for us.  I repeat once again, I believe that what we really need to do is UNLEARN.