Judge a Book by its Cover! It’s Out! No Coincidences

No Coincidences has been launched!
Between elizabeth cassidy’s artistic talent on the front cover and Nancy Meryl’s experiences, validations, chapters about Psychic Mediums, Ena Twigg from England and Glenn Dove, Sloan Kettering and Edgar Cayce have made people connect and relate with their own personal experiences and thoughts.

Psychic Medium Nancy Meryl is not out to make you change your ideas or beliefs but to experience actual happenings that have transpired to enable you to think outside of the box. Her readings have been validated and documented and studies have been proven that while in a trance Nancy is able to speak a variety of languages to her clients. No Coincidences can be purchased at Amazon.com, Amazon International or www.mediumshipbeyond.com.

In addition, November will be the launching month special!
While phone readings and individual readings are at the price of $150 , all phone readings will be given for a price that is comfortable for you. Everyone should be able to connect with their loved ones not based on price. Readings will be taken on first come, first serve basis. Please give me two dates and times, either EST or PST or International time and I will set up an appointment with you. Please contact [email protected] for a reading and purchase the book and enjoy!!