It seems there are too many stories in the news lately about a lot of female celebrities who are lining up to get their pictures taken sans makeup. They want to prove to us mere mortals that they are just like us under all that makeup.

But they are not.

They have photographers who know a thing or two about making even a rotten tomato look desirable. So don’t try to pull the wool over our eyes. And that is what most of us would need to do if we got our pictures taken without makeup. I even heard a rumor that burlap is taped over the lens when Barbara Walters is being photographed. I think at this point she is just a hologram with a real ass kicking make- up artist and hair stylist at her disposal.

I am not talking about the photos of celebrities walking down the street and being caught without any makeup. They are being just like us except they have money left in their 401K. When I lived in Manhattan, I would pull my hair back, gloss my lips over with Death by Red lipstick and wear Jackie O sunglasses before I dare would sneak around the Upper East Side without incurring the wrath of the fashion police. Sadly I was never mistaken for Penelope Cruz. Not even by Javier Bardem. I know, I know. I will get over him one day.

I am talking about the photos that they put out of themselves without makeup. The lighting is perfect. There is not a line on the faces. In other words, they look about 12 years old without the mandatory ten coats of mascara over fake eye lashes.

And we are supposed to thank them for being so ordinary.

I think not. I am not ordinary and neither are you.

 I am here to declare that we pick a day to become our, “Take your make up off and show us your face Day.”

 And I will be the first one to do it. If I can overcome my fear of being photographed without makeup, then I think some of my sisters can do that also.

Here goes.

Ah shit! My hand was shaking. I wonder why.








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