Your words tell me all I need to know.



But I am not the brainless

toy you think I am

nor will I ever be.

A friend I thought you,

a sister,

someone whose very soul

spoke to mine.

My dear one, you never where.

To save you,

impossible now I know,

I would have sacrificed myself,

my heart,

possibly my soul.

The laughter from the pain you brought

told me where I stand

within your circle of depravity.

Your alone and

still the angst and filth

covers your mind.


my sweet who I fought for

are the one to blame.

You lied to those who’d help you,

your games only ruined yourself,

but they will never ruin me.

I go my way now,

though it pains me

my hands I wash,

to forget you

I wish I could.

Your taint will now longer effect

what is mine.