Say, “I’m Okay!” to Yourself

This can sound super hokey until you actually do it and learn to keep doing it. Knowing, deep within yourself, that you’re not a “slack off” or a “second rate” person or a person who could have accomplished more in the years he/she’s been moving about on Earth, can (no – WILL) make a huge difference on the good that comes into you. I’ve heard this a million times in self-help courses and read it in books – and I’m only now beginning to truly sense the wisdom in not thinking about what I didn’t accomplish.

The old “coulda, woulda, shoulda “ can fly into our mind at any moment. I don’t think I’m speaking only for myself when I say this.  I’m learning that, once again, it’s good for me to relax and inhale deeply, exhale fully and allow myself to quiet down and be with myself on a deep level. I’ve been practicing this in the past two weeks and I find it’s been helping me a lot. Most of the readers of Here Women Talk are probably quite a bit younger than I am. I’m just really getting the importance of finding techniques of quieting my mind down and connecting with the spirit that’s in me. Because it’s helping me so, I’d love to see you get this at an earlier age, so you can get the benefits and have them last for a longer while. If you’re older, that’s fine too. It’s never too late. I have a feeling that most Here Women Talk readers and participants practice “faiths” that favor connecting with spirit.

Pay attention to your thoughts for the next couple of days. See if there are moments that you feel a little “less than” because you haven’t accomplished something you felt you wanted to accomplish in your life. Breathe and say to yourself – “I’m here and I’m okay whatever I accomplished. Let me see if I truly want to accomplish that thing.” If you do want to accomplish it, ask for “spirit” to lead you to the path to accomplish it. I realize now that “spirit” is what’s in all of us.  Like the seed of a plant, which can sprout into many flowers and leaves and – is still there – continuing to feed the plant. The leaves that suck from the seed do well. We’re similar to flowers in that we’re all part of the giant plant (Earth) that what I’m calling “spirit” – you may prefer the word “God” – created and feeds.

Also, know that you may have been taught, usually at a young and impressionable age, that you couldn’t or shouldn’t accomplish a certain thing for one reason or another. Your mom may have wanted to do it at one point in her life; but it scared her. She, meaning well for you, taught you be frightened of it too. Maybe, you failed at a particular thing a few times and gave up, deciding you couldn’t do it. Understand that many things take many trials.

Moses is reputed to have said to spirit, when he felt he was being called to get his tribesmen out of Egypt (estimated to have happened in 1312 BCE – of course it’s hard to say the year for sure), “Why me?”.  It wasn’t an easy “one time tea with Pharaoh for Moses.” Pharaoh Thuthmose 2nd’s daughter, Hatshepsut adopted Moses when she found him in the bulrushes.  Ramses was Pharaoh when Moses met with the Egyptian ruler to ask for the Hebrew’s freedom. Many years had passed and Moses was living a quiet married life. Somehow he answered the call and did what he had to do.

I’ve been finding the “Tapping” or EFT technique very helpful. I’d heard of it some years ago and brushed it off. It’s helping release many thoughts and sensations I didn’t even realize I’d been holding onto.  A fellow named Nick Ortner sent me an email about his tapping program. I like his presentation a lot. I don’t work for him or even know him. I just liked the free videos I saw. First I passed it off as, “that old thing?” Now I’m working at making time for it each morning. It really doesn’t take that much time.

Whatever you can find that will help you relax and let go of stress and all of the useless teachings you’ve gotten in your life, is worth taking a look at.  I’ll bet that you don’t even remember most of those teachings – but they can stay in your mind.

Anything you can do that will relax you enough to let the “real you” the fantastic you who can accomplish what you may now term “The Impossible” (because someone taught you it was impossible.)  My blog is named “Reveal the Star You Truly Are” – because I know that you truly are a Star!  As soon as you know it, you’ll reveal it. I say start revealing it right now and then you’ll get to know it!

Say YES to YOU! You are more than okay. When the real YOU let’s “herself “ (and the “him selves” who may be reading this) out – watch it world!!!!!