Have you ever gone on a low-calorie diet to get rid of excess weight fast?

There’s an expression, “Easy come, easy go.” Well, with crash diets, and calorie deprivation, the opposite is true: “Easy go…easy come.” So, beware of diets that promise rapid weight loss, as you’ll probably end up gaining weight, and losing health, instead of the opposite way around!

The problem with radically altering your food intake is that sudden changes in eating patterns are a shock to your system, and as often as not, are self-defeating.

How does this happen?

For starters, restricting caloric intake can slow down metabolism and deprive your body of necessary nourishment. Often, dieters eliminate healthy foods in an effort to cut calories, or, worse yet, substitute low calorie foods filled with artificial colors, flavors, “fake” sugar and fats and other additives! Ugh!

The answer is DETERMINATION AND DISCIPLINE!!! You must give up the foods that are keeping the weight on. That means cutting out refined sugar, fried foods and ALL sodas (diet or regular) no matter what the label says. This is a big shift, I know, but the results are well worth it. After all, eating in your regular style has gotten you to where you are, so doesn’t it make sense to adopt new habits?

There are several factors to consider in reaching your desirable weight:

1. METHOD OF COOKING – It’s not simply the number of calories, or even the size of the portions, but the way the food is prepared. It has been shown that breaded and fried foods, no matter how low in calories, can result in weight gain, as they tend to slow down digestion and clog the intestines. ( and the arteries!)

2. NUTRITIONAL VALUE – If foods are low in nutritional value like white flour products, sugar and fat free foods, the body can’t use them to rebuild tissue or provide energy. They’ll hang out on your body like unwelcome guests! The only answer is to eliminate all processed foods and those that announce that they are sugar and fat free.(check those labels for artificial ingredients that are bad for your health and keep the weight on). To maintain a healthy, slender, youthful body, start cooking REAL fresh food from scratch… organic whenever possible.

3. COMBINATION OF FOODS – I’ve been following a style of eating called “FOOD COMBINING”  for over 25 years, and am svelte and healthy because of it. Yes, it took effort, but it sure paid off.  With it, you never eat complex carbohydrates and animal protein in the same meal. By not combining them, your body burns calories efficiently, and extracts essential nutrients. If, like me, you’ve tried countless diets without getting the results you want, give this one a try. I know no other form of eating/dieting has been as effective for me, or for my clients. Go for it!

You can learn all about Food Combining in easy to follow steps in my book, RetroAge:4 Steps to A Younger YOU! (available through Amazon)