Starting today, a brand new column about embracing your creative side is going to be appearing right here on Here Women Talk. As a creativity coach, writer and artist (and a good dancer), I find that people think coaches are sweet and demure souls who wear sensible shoes and don’t speak above a whisper. Not true in my corner of the world – which is New York so you know I just might be overdosing on a little attitude and some passionate opinions. Accent is extra.

But in between that, I am here to help you all discover your creative side that has been buried away. Some of you were born with your creativity in you and some of you worked hard to develop your skills. But then life got in the way, and you took your stick figures or your first ten chapters and shipped them off to a boarding school. Time to bring them home.  And I do believe that some of the most clever and creative people I know are quite skilled in the art of stick figure drawing. I say this right away just in case you tell me that you can only draw stick figures. I did mention that I am not demure and sweet, right?

Creativity is all about expressing oneself and that is why I am here. I had to fight back and make the time to write and draw again. And I have got to tell you that it has changed my life. I look at my keyboard like a long lost lover (or Javier Bardem – I am not known for being picky) and my art pads as my passport to travel wherever my mind wants to go.

The Creative Edge is here to encourage you to pick up a charcoal stick or a hit that keyboard again and create something breathtaking, thought provoking, humorous that could change the world at large. Do you think Picasso or F. Scott Fitzgerald really thought they could change the world? Picasso was too busy changing muses and poor F. Scott had one too many, but their art rose above it all because it was honest and authentic. I am a big believer that the arts can change the world, but I want your art to change your world first.

Each week we will delve into something different. We will explore your intuitive side and take your right brain out for lunch. I will answer your questions and help you get past your stumbling blocks. I want you all to think of this is as your safe haven. We will make the world a more beautiful place.


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