First, some definitions:


PRO means FOR.

BIOTIC means LIFE. (As in the word, “Biology”)

So, what logically follows is: Antibiotics are against life.

Probiotics are for life.

Now, I don’t mean to imply that antibiotics aren’t an important part of healing infections. When doctors prescribe an antibiotic, they want that medicine to kill the bacteria that’s making you sick. After about 7 days, the antibiotic has done its job, and you’re feeling better.

But the problem is that while the antibiotic has killed bad bacteria and germs, it has also killed good ones – the “friendly bacteria.” Killing them can lower your resistance to fighting off new infections, and often interferes with digestion.

But, worry not, there’s a solution! Just as soon as you finish your prescribed dose, start taking a probiotic to restore your body’s “friendly bacteria.” and bring your body back in balance.

Your local Health Food store sells an inexpensive, effective product called PB 8. That stands for 8 different strains of ProBiotic. We mostly hear about Acidophilis ad Bifidus, but there are a bunch of lesser known strains that boost your immune system. Other brands can be just as good, but don’t put off taking one!

What’s also great is to eat yogurt every day, preferably plain. Make sure the word “Organic” is printed on the label – Stonyfield Farms and Seven Stars are good examples. Avoid commercial brands like Dannon and Yoplait no matter what their slick advertisements on TV promise. Not only do they contain fillers, sugar and sugar substitutes, but the milk they’re made of isn’t hormone and antibiotic free. Who needs more chemicals in our system?

You might enjoy a yogurt-like drink, “Kefir” that comes in plain and fruit flavors. It’s filled with good bacteria, and, besides being delicious, contains protein for your muscles and calcium for your bones.

Organic yogurt and kefir – yummy ways to stay healthy!