The more we work with home office clients, the more we enjoy hearing their success stories.  None of them had a realistic or valid reason that they weren’t organized.  Their excuses were:  not enough time, they felt too overwhelmed to begin the process, they were actually afraid to begin the process and last, they just really didn’t have a legitimate reason…just because.

Let’s check out the excuses:

Not enough time.  Well, this is just silly!  Organizing your home office is one of the best investments that you can make in yourself and after reading this article you still find that you are wanting to get organized but don’t have the time, consider hiring a Professional Organizer in your area.  This will cut the time in less than half and you will have a fresh set of eyes that will help you not just start the process, but complete the process. 

Realistically, a lot of business just don’t knowso the amount of time that it will take them to become organized becomes greater and greater as the months and years go by.  In order to begin the process, block out the time on your calendar – it can be as little as 30 minutes a day.  You can easily accomplish this by adding an the extra time in the beginning or end of your day.  Remember, it won’t be forever!  Just until you are organized!

Too overwhelmed to begin the process.  What I will say is…stop your procrastinating now.  When your office is organized your give yourself permission to grow your business.  One recent client’s comments about her feelings after getting organized were:  “Mentally freed”, “More efficient” and “My bank account looks beautiful”.  She knew that her organizing style was simple and easy and we were able to find ways to allow her to organize not just her home office but also her portable office.  The result is – No More Overwhelm.

Maybe the reason that you delay becoming organized is that you are actually afraid of being successful!  This, I believe, comes attached with the lack of self-confidence and deserve-level which is a totally different topic.  While there are many obstacles to overcome as a business owner and within your home office, one of the easiest to overcome is to develop systems and processes to get yourself organized.  The amount of time it will save you every day is absolutely amazing!  Think about the amount of time you spend looking for just a simple piece of paper!  Not only is it a waste of time, but it is also a great cause of stress and anxiety.  There is nothing worse than a customer or client to see your lack of organization.  It could cost you the deal. 

If one of the reasons above aren’t Your reason that you have not organized your office, then there is just one thing left to consider.  You are a true Procrastinator!  Give yourself permission to be successful, organize your office now. 

 Linda Clevenger