Now you contact your congressman.  Look, I wrote a form letter to help.  Simply copy and paste this as an email, adding or deleting anything you think they should know.  Here’s a link on how to contact them.

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The Letter:

I am contacting you today in regards to women’s right that are currently coursing through our nation’s consciousness and raising extremely high levels of concern for all of us who value women’s freedom and the equanimity that should be as available to women as equality is to any subgroup of people.

The support of any of the bills currently in debate in congress about women’s rights, specifically but not limited to, reproductive rights, is the one of the most egregious acts of discrimination and sexism that I, one of your constitutes, have ever experienced.

I encourage you to fight against these bills, to stop allowing them any debate in session, and to definitely not let them pass into law.

I am sending you this email today to remind you:

that women deserve honesty from their doctors – 100% of the time

that a fetus’s life is not more important that the mother’s

that state sanctioned rape is still rape and not ok

that it is not ok to charge a mother with attempted murder
for a miscarriage

that it is not ok to force women to carry a stillborn baby to term

that it is not ok to take away the funding of women to receive medical treatment to make a political point

that it is not ok to fire a woman because she is taking a medicine you disagree with

More over, I am writing you to remind you that I voted you in, and I can vote you out too.

For these and many other reasons I am asking you to stop allowing laws to be introduced that restrict access of a single subset of people, in this case, women, into even the debate among the legislation of both state and country.  Stop these bills before they start, and if you cannot, then stop them before they pass.

Thank you.