Author: Dawn Storey

Learning to Laugh at Yourself

Learning to Laugh at Yourself Laughter comes to me easily, and often. I live with a tremendously funny man who cracks me up daily (without even trying!) with his innate sense of offbeat, well-timed wit. I have friends peppered throughout my social groups whose personalities are made up of varying combinations of funny, quirky, silly, and strange, from and with whom hilarity ensues on a regular basis. And, when all else fails, I’ve collected a handful of web sites and blogs on which I can always depend for a good dose of mirth. Looking back, I’d have to say...

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Italian Pronunciation: You say potato, I say patata

How many times have you dined in an Italian restaurant where you discovered, much to your discomfort and dismay, that all the names of the items on the menu were written in Italian… and you had no idea how to pronounce anything? What do you do? Find the most English-sounding item on the menu and order it, not because that’s actually what you want to eat, but because it’s the dish that’s easiest to pronounce. Wait for the person next to you to order, then say brightly, “I’ll have what she’s having!” Jab a finger at the dish you’ve...

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Body Image and the “Serenity Prayer”

If you’re perfectly happy with your body, thank you very much, and if you’ve never struggled with the issue of body image or self acceptance – well, you probably won’t be particularly interested in reading any further. But if you’ve ever obsessed about your weight, or felt dissatisfied with your looks, or wished you could change something about your body – and I suspect, sadly, that many of you can relate to this – then you just might appreciate these musings. I’m guessing that you’ve probably heard of the Serenity Prayer – you know, God, grant me the serenity...

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201 Things That Make Me Happy

For several years now I’ve maintained my own personal Happy List, first to acknowledge and affirm and then to remind myself of life’s beauty, richness, and blessings. I hope that by sharing some of the items on my list I will inspire you to slow down for a few minutes and think about the things in your own life that bring you joy and contentment, and perhaps even create and maintain a “Happy List” of your own. 201 Things That Make Me Happy rustic sourdough bread, toasted crisp and served hot spread with melting butter and blackberry jam surprise...

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The Gift of Time

It’s said that we don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone… that we have a tendency to take for granted that which is valuable in our lives and then, when for whatever reason it is no longer a part of our experience, we gain a sudden and deep appreciation for its meaning and worth. But in another way, sometimes the value of what you have becomes apparent only when it’s been given to you. For me, that something is TIME. I’ve worked full-time for the vast majority of my adult life, with very little break apart from statutory...

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On speaking Canadian to an audience of Americans

Fun Fact: According to Google Analytics, the majority of my blog’s visitors – 60.61%, in fact – reside in the United States, while only 25.43% are from my native country of Canada. Though the two nations share a border (and an incredibly long one at that), we’re notably different in ways that, believe it or not, come to my mind every time I sit down to share my thoughts through my writing. I’ve heard that when it comes to informal communication, such as an e-mail to a friend, a comment on Facebook, or perhaps a personal blog post, perfection...

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