Back in the day…not so long ago, we produced some amazing content here on Here Women Talk. Perhaps a little ahead of our time, monetizing that content along with the expense to produce it, made for a tough situation. Unfortunately, our ability to continue providing production services had to cease….and with that went most of the content.

Good news! Technology and production have become incredibly less expensive. Methods of monetization have greatly improved. And the same content is still amazing. One more thing….distribution potential is soaring to (previously) unimaginable possibilities.

Zeus Digital Marketing, former producers of much of the HWT content is launching a new OTT (Over The Top) network called ZTV in late January 2020. This new platform will include live and on-demand video and podcast hosting. The network’s phased roll-out will begin with IOS and Android apps, followed by distribution to Roku, Smart TV, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV, Alexa, and more throughout the course of the next several months.

This is an open invitation to anyone formerly part of this platform, and anyone else reading, to reach out and begin a dialogue about sharing content with ZTV.

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