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10 Tips for Solo Women Travelers on Eating Alone

10 Tips for Solo Women Travelers on Eating Alone As much as traveling the world is exciting, it is also intimidating. Especially for female solo travelers! If you’re contemplating going someplace you’ve never been to all by yourself, you’ve probably researched all you can about the place. You must also have read countless safety tips on traveling alone. Perhaps you’re ready to go on your first solo adventure. But what’s stopping you? Fear or anxiety about being all by yourself, especially at a restaurant! Being comfortable with eating alone is tough if you’ve never eaten alone. Even if you...

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Mont Saint Michel: French Magical Surprise

Mont Saint Michel: French Magical Surprise and a European Travel Gem On the western coast of France, between the somber beaches of Normandy and the legendary seafood of Saint Malo, lies Mont Saint Michel. This place, as iconic to France as the Eiffel Tower, is a little village on top of a mountain (population:41), at the peak of which is an impressive monastery. The gates to the city close at night and only those who live, work, or have accommodations on the mountain can go through. When my husband and I began planning our trip to France, we were...

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A City Under the Magnifying Glass

A City Under the Magnifying Glass How to enjoy a weekend in Leeds… With city breaks being so popular these days, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone should overlook one of the most culturally exciting cities in the whole of the UK. From some of the most glamorous bars in the north of England, right through to some of the most idyllic, cosmopolitan cafes, Leeds really is one of the best places in the North of England to head off with your lady friends. Without further a-do, here are some of the great places to visit in the great...

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Travel Cheap: A Lifestyle and Philosophy

Travel Cheap: A Lifestyle and Philosophy Looking back at the last five years of my life, I wouldn’t change a thing.  My husband and I have been through challenges just like everyone else in the world.  It was not always easy.  In fact, at times it was absolutely miserable, but what was gained in return is better than gold.  So what am I talking about exactly?  It is not the typical struggle you may think. It is not unemployment or the fact that I have been in school the entire five years.  It wasn’t our wedding or having kids,...

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Day Trip to Charlotte

Day Trip to Charlotte Today I took a designated work holiday for a day trip. I had the honor and pleasure of spending time with a great group of people who are members of  The day (trip) started at 5:45 a.m. and ended at 5:45 p.m. when I pulled out of our meeting place (Belk’s parking lot) and I was on the interstate headed back home. It was the fastest fun day I’ve had in a while. The group consisted of former Stock Car drivers and fans, all members of Stock Car RacersReunion (  The most exciting part...

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Torre del Mar Spain – Fabulous Feasts, Fish and Fun

Torre del Mar Spain – Fabulous Feasts, Fish and Fun Await Carlos was married to my mother and is the father of my half sister. He lives in Madrid and has a place in Caleta de Velez on the coast. We met him in the seaside town of Torre del Mar Spain. Like most beach towns, this one is situated right on a sandy stretch of beach and contains all the trappings of a seaside area you would expect–restaurants, shops and the lovely Chiringuitos which are open air restaurants on the beach specializing in seafood. We had a wonderful...

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