One of my Major Challenge as a Home-Based Business

You live it, so do I!  You left your 9-5 daily grind because your schedule is packed with work, school, family, activities, business and appointments.  You wanted more freedom and flexibility.  You have the talent, education, experience and passion so you start your own business.  You are rolling along, business is growing and then something totally unexpected comes up and you Have to find time for it.  How will you fit it into your schedule?

I’m sharing my personal story with you.  A medical issue has surfaced and I was told that I would need physical therapy (2-3 times a week for at least 1 hour each time).  Each appointment – besides the hour – will also require an hour of travel time from my schedule.  My calendar is already tight – where will I find an additional 4-6 hours a week?  Will I just freak out about the situation and allow myself to shut down totally?  I didn’t do either.

I didn’t realize it back then but 7 years ago, the time wasn’t such an issue – because I was still working in Corporate America.  And, I could take my sick time, vacation time, personal time – or just work a little extra during the week to make sure that I could make my appointments.  No problem.  It is an easy adjustment.

But having your own home-based business makes it a bit more challenging.  It can easily become a stressful situation.  Trying to fit your schedule around the doctor’s schedule is crazy enough but what I have found is that the “9-5ers” office staff aren’t very understanding that we have appointments on our calendar too and that we aren’t just available when it is the most convenient for them.


When I was pushed into this situation, I made the conscious decision that there was no need to panic.  I decided to fine-tune my office systems even further so that I could ensure that my schedule would allow time to take care of me.  So what did I do?

1.  Looked at my prospect and client list and fine-tuned my follow-up process.  Which prospects and/or clients needed to be scheduled and rescheduled?  I got them booked.

2.  Got absolutely everything out of my head and put it on paper/computer.  I had already made the decision to add a new Profit Center to my list of services and products and I refused to let anything get in the way of completing my goal.

3.  Mind-Mapped my Projects and Profit Centers in order to ensure that I considered every detail of the process.  Again, nothing is going to get in my way!

4.  Refused to give myself a pity party or give in to (what could be) yet another set-back.  I changed my outlook and determined that yes, this was another obstacle to overcome.  And yes, it could be difficult.  However, if having a home-based business was easy everyone would be doing it right?

I look a challenge in the face and say, “Bring it On”.  I’m ready for the next challenge and the next challenge.  Are you?  All it takes is:  systems, processes, mindset, consistency, desire, time management and of course….organization!

Embrace every challenge that you are given and remember….Don’t Agonize – Organize!