You’ve heard me say it over and over again, that the price of procrastination can (and does) cause Chaos (Can’t Heave Anyone Over Syndrome).   

Paperwork can easily consume every part of your home.  Flat surfaces:  tables, counter tops, kitchen and dining room tables, dressers…you name it.  I’ve seen it all!  It can even expand into boxes, bins, containers and continue to be spread throughout the house/office.  And, it doesn’t stay in one room.  It can expand from the kitchen and office into the living room, dining room, and even the bedroom!

What is the price of this procrastination?  Unpaid bills, missed appointments, stress, anxiety and total overwhelm and lost time spent ( looking for paperwork that you can’t find.  The average executive spends a total of 1 hour per day looking for essential paperwork.  Why???  There are many reasons…consistent habit, laziness, lack of time (?), accountability, time management issues….etc.

Paperwork is a struggle for most homeowners and businesses too!  We receive so much mail and paperwork every day and without a system to file it all away the only thing that happens is that it gets piled up high and deep. 

Having a system set up to deal with your incoming paperwork is the only way to maintain your paperwork.  Knowing where to put your papers when it comes into the home is the key to keeping the pile management under control.  I recommend that my clients begin with the elimination process.  What can be shredded and thrown away immediately?  Of course, keeping a shredder in your kitchen area or wherever you open your mail is essential.  A trash can in the garage is one of the techniques that I have had people use before.  They don’t even allow it to come into the house!!  Unneeded paperwork can be torn and tossed away immediately.  Some days you may not even have any mail coming into the home – I’ve had it happen before!

There are systems that you can set up to avoid the Chaos of paperwork.  Having a simple portable system that you and your spouse or significant other can use on a daily basis is So convenient.  I have been working with so many people to set up this system.  Even those that suffer from ADD are able to use this system because it is so quick and easy to use.

Set up a portable file box with the following hanging folders:  To Do, To Read, To File, Waiting.  To Do will have two file folders that are “Hot Action” and “Warm Action”.  The Hot file is to put items that require your immediate attention (within 24-48 hours) and Warm Action is for items that need to be handled within a week.  Touch the Hot Folder Daily and the Warm Folder 3 times a week.  To Read…holds paperwork that you need to read; To File – paperwork to be filed into your major filing system; Waiting is for paperwork that you are waiting to hear back from – like a rebate from a new home purchase. 

I know that this is a really basic outline of a portable filing system that can be kept anywhere convenient in your home (or office).  The great part is that it can be personalized to meet your needs and I’d be happy to help you with that (if that is your goal).