Get Organized Today…

As a society we are connected to each other in so many ways.  We have our iphones, ipads, macs, laptops, blackberrys, etc. that keep us connected to our families, work, children and everyone else that is important to us.

But how are all of these gadgets helping us stay organized?  Are they Really and Truly helping us develop daily habits that will not only get us organized but keep us organized?  I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this subject.

On one hand, it seems essential that we be “connected” 24/7 because this is the way that we communicate.  What would we do without email, text messages, our cell phones and GPS?  On the other hand, we can become so engaged in all of the gadgets while trying to get organized that it seems that it makes us more unorganized. 

Are you ready to Get Organized Today?  Here are some tips that I believe will help you along the way:

1.  Whatever system you decide to use, stick to it!  I personally still use a paper calendar to track appointments.  I use the Planner Pad ( to organize my time, clients, client information and phone numbers.  I’m especially sticking to this plan since updating my cell phone to an Android.  I decided to finally become “smart” but what I found out was that my Android has a battery that just doesn’t last near as long as my blackberry.  It isn’t stressful though…because even if my phone battery dies, I’ve got a paper back-up! 

2.  Plan your day…don’t let your day plan you!  Know what you have to get done every day and keep your focus on your plan.  You can’t be everything to everyone and when you make sudden changes to your daily plan you’ll find yourself becoming stressed out by taking on more than you can handle.  Being honest and saying that you will get back to a phone call, email or text is acceptable.  A personal experience:  I needed to confirm transportation to a training that I was attending on Saturday.  My business associate called me to confirm travel arrangements but I was with a client when she called.  Typically, when I am with a client, no calls or emails are answered.  However, I did pick up the phone and asked her if she could call me back in the evening.  After a 10 hour day, I was exhausted so I quickly sent her a text message saying, “I’m exhausted, let’s talk in the morning”.  She applauded me for being honest enough to tell her the truth and I was able to get some rest that evening without worry that I was letting her down.  Know your limits and stick to your plan.

3.  Schedule your down time.  So many times we work, work, work and that is our entire focus.  While that is a noble and honorable trait…(I love busy people who are hard workers), it is necessary to take some personal time or family time each week.  I enjoy just renting a movie and spending a few hours doing nothing!  Taking time out of our busy lives is important each week. 

4.  Becoming organized takes time, effort and consistency.  It is a habit that you have to develop and hold yourself responsible.  Without your own dedication, it won’t happen.  Become Organized Today…set yourself up for success.