If you go to the movies, take a walk through the local shopping centre or turn on the television, you’ll probably think that everyone’s sex life is a darn sight better than yours. Holding hands, kissing in public and all-round romanticism is all the rage everywhere you look – so what’s holding you back?

Well, in the real world, our sex lives are all but raging. The grind of the 9-5 leaves many of us stressed and tired from work, and whenever we’re not in the office we’re sleeping off the late nights we do spend catching up on work.

Even when we do get a few moments of peace and quiet, they’re used for relaxation and to catch up on the mountains of washing we leave piled up in our kitchens – there just isn’t any time to socialise.

This leaves inadequate opportunities for instant gratification, much of which is short lived and a long way from the hours of lovemaking we all aspire to master. If we look back to our youthful teens and early twenties, the endless hours of sexual activity seemed to absorb an entire summer, and yet we still found time to study and work our part-time jobs.

The Summer of 69

So what’s changed? Most of us would agree that our university or college days were pretty dam stressful, but there was always time for a little X-rated rest and recuperation with our girlfriends, boyfriends, or depending what society you were a part of, both.

Throughout our clinical development, the increasing demands of work and family life leave much for the imagination of our sex lives. Many 35-60 year olds have been forced to see specialists in order to find out where their libido has gone, and whether they can get it back.

What they discovered was that reviving you libido isn’t just about having lots of sex, surprisingly. In order to get your youthful love life back on track, a person must rediscover their life force, their vitality and their proactive energy – all of which are crucial to health and general wellbeing.

The Importance of a Healthy Libido

Having a healthy libido is very important, physically and emotionally. Physically, it can help to decrease blood pressure and improve your immune system. Emotionally, it can help you connected with your loved-one, or at least install a sense of calm and unity with the person you’re being intimate with. In long term relationships, a healthy libido can enhance the sexual spark sometimes lost in old age.

Making sure your libido is switched on can be a lengthy job, and just like a diet or exercise plan, it will need dedication and focus in order to get the results you want. However in the long run, the pay-off will extend far beyond the bedroom.

Keep Active

The last thing you want is for your sex drive to be racing, and your personal fitness going in the opposite direction. Make sure you hit the gym and few times a week, and stick to a healthy-eating plan in order to make the most of your sex life.

The Mind-Body Link

Try not to make sex just a physical act. The more you delve into the emotional depths of your libido, the longer and more satisfying your sexual encounters will be.


In the work place, no one likes to perform under pressure; why should it be the same in the bedroom? Make sure you’re relaxed in order to get the best out of your libido, otherwise you’ll find yourself coming up short, very short.

Make Sure you’re Happy

The key to a successful libido is being happy, physically and emotionally. If there’s something you want to share with someone, whether it’s your partner, wife or someone you like, tell them.

This article was written on behalf of the unlicensed medicines company.