dogCan We Speak With Animals When They Cross Over?

Do you think we are able to communicate with our pets when they leave our physical plane? Stop for a moment and think. We are able to communicate with people. People and animals that have crossed over give images that connect to the medium and then to the client.

Animals have feelings and their vibrations and are tuned into us, perhaps even stronger than a human being.

Do you think you can only communicate if you can speak a language?

horseMr. Ed spoke. He was the talking horse who spoke to Wilbur on the television series, “Mr. Ed”

Animals are very perceptive and give unconditional love. They are comforting and have saved families from Tsunamis by escorting them to the top of the mountains prior to the disaster. Animals have been known to go into a home and save their families by pulling those loved ones out from a fire. In fact, animals communicate in many ways better than do humans. They can sense calmness and they can sense tension. Interestingly enough, I have been mentoring a man named Frank who is able to communicate with the animals.

The very first visit, Frank came to my office and he described a tragedy that transpired ten years ago with a small dog I had. He was detailed and right to the point. I could not stop the tears from rolling down my face. The Veterinarian, my friend, confirmed what transpired. It was deeper than I had ever imagined. Frank was specific. Then he confirmed the love from Annie who was on the other side. A poodle that I had who I carried with me all over the place. He told me she thanks me for the wonderful five years that she had with me. I felt her love and began to go for another box of tissues. Brandi was a small poodle who came to me as soon as she Animals feel the presence of other animals as well as humans. It was clear to me when Snoopy, a miniature café o le poodle that I had, backed up five feet from where Cleo my beagle who crossed over used to sit. He stared like there was no tomorrow.

Animals tend to turn their heads, stare or back up when they feel the presence of another animal. They even begin to wag their tail when they feel they are seeing a friend that has departed. Animals may not verbalize as do humans but they converse stronger than humans. They communicate to us by letting us know they are feeling our warmth. They sometimes sit next to a loved one and show their markings. They will let us know their sense of humor and what they specifically enjoyed doing and what their favorite toy was when in the physical.

Animals like humans do not stop loving. They communicate without words but they have already learned that love is the ultimate divine. Many humans have not mastered that component of love. Animals are said to be gentler than any human. They will continue to communicate with us and feel warmth and compassion. I have met some people who have crossed over and are spending their time learning to love animals because while in this life they didn’t understand them and didn’t like them. Animals are the understanding and companionate ones. If we look in a mirror, “the meanest animal you are looking at is you”. kitten

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Originally published November 23, 2012