My name is Regina and I am a writer, a poet, a playwright, and a filmmaker. In 2009/2010 my play echo: a poetic journey into justice -which brings awareness to the horrors of sex trafficking – was staged in San Francisco and in Berkeley Ca. Echo looks at the similarities between past day African American slavery and modern day slavery…sex trafficking. In 2011 I decided to change Echo into a movie.

In an attempt to stir the waters of support, I decided to create a short two-minute clip to garner interest in my movie project. After much “creative processing” I came up with the concept and put together my team.

The clip received great reviews and support.

Recently I found out that Tyler Perry was putting together a talent search contest for actors. So I decided to enter my clip because the young women featured in the clip was so amazing. Her name is Victorie Cole, 19yrs old,  and she is outstanding and full of love. If we win, she gets to appear in one of his movies. But beyond that I recognize this as an awesome opportunity to get the word out there a bit more about the horrors of sex trafficking.

So, I am asking everyone to vote on my clip . You can vote as many times as you like so please go for it! We have made it past the first round which was to get cleared for entry. And now the second round is as follows: Mr. Perry himself will choose the winner from the top ten most voted for videos! How exciting!

So, please join with me in creating a tide of awareness. Trafficking is a huge issue. We need one another to fight this fight. So thank you for your help. Go to THIS LINK to view the video and cast your votes! VOTING ENDS JUNE 29TH! THAT IS THIS WEEK SO PLEASE CAST YOUR VOTE SOON!

Note: check out my blog for further info about the film.

Thank you,

Regina Evans, Writer/Creator

echo: a poetic journey into justice