This is HOT…This is NOW…It’s here and it’s HAPPENING!

HWT Host, Susan Murphy Milano has taped the unedited, rough pilot for a future network television show.  The producers wish to see the interest level in the form of views and comments.

Can you help get MURPHY’S JUSTICE on the air?

As many of you here know, Susan Murphy Milano, also known as the “Jane Wayne of Justice” has stood in the gap for the lives of victims who otherwise had no where else to turn.  Her books, her radio shows and media appearances have been all about one thing….being a voice for victims of violence who can’t speak for themselves, those in very high risk situations, as well as bringing to light facts in missing persons and cold cases that surround intimate partner violence.

The pilot is almost an hour….take the time to watch and comment on YouTube and let producers know that this type of show is important!

If you don’t know about Susan and her work, visit her website:

MURPHY’S JUSTICE! we need you to take a look!

We value and need your immediate feedback!




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