Illumination: A Shaman Medicine Woman’s Perspective

Seeking illumination.  I asked one of my very first teachers how to find illumination – the reply was turn the lights on.  Sounds humorous but it is the key to finding the elusive illumination so many are seeking.  There are many types of lights that can shine upon life; finding the one that shines on your authentic self can be like walking around a home and the power is out.  You have to find the one candle to illuminate the way.

The truth is that the candle, the flame to guide you, to illuminate you, can only be found when you  probe deeply within yourself for that is when your own truths are revealed, your own definitions birthed, and it is only then that the seeker finds what they search for.

I was in meditation this morning when the word illumination kept floating into my conscience. Recently, I asked a spiritual mentor a simple question that I was seeking an answer to.  I could not seem to grasp the concept of the answer.  The reply was so simple.  I had to wonder how I missed it. Stand as a witness rather than as a participant.  Many times our perceptions and understandings are based upon our own life experiences which can make them vastly different from others.  So our own “illumination” is difficult to express.

To seek illumination is to find your way home.  To discover a path that leads to your true authentic self.  While on this path of illumination or really authentic self discovery, you also discover balance. Balance in the physical world as well as balance in the spiritual world.  As this spiral journey down this path of illumination happens, it is easy to sabotage yourself.  The moment you are off-center, whether that is within your emotions, your attitude, or physically, the fears, doubts, insecurities or emotions can take over.  As one on the path you remain centered, looking out at the world as a sacred witness.

It struck me that in every situation, regardless of perception, we are all simply in a sacred moment witnessing a sacred experience.  Another spiritual mentor had shared with me recently that certain experiences were not mine.  I was only witnessing them.  There are times that one wishes to heal wounds of others as you love the souls involved. I am reminded that wounds of others are not something that anyone else can heal, that is their path, their journey and their own illumination to experience.  We are simply here to witness.

As a sacred witness, there is no judgement, no fear, no doubts, and the only emotion that exists is great love of the souls involved.  We can shine our own illumination, our own fire within, to cast light upon another soul’s darkness to assist them in finding their own illumination, their own spark.  For that is where the real healing happens.

The Shamanic Illumination process is an ancient process used by many indigenous medicine people as a foundation for healing.  It is a process of working within the energy field of the body to lift and release energies that are binding so that they can be infused with a direct connection and free-flowing universal energy.

In this process the energy centers are examined, each center holds emotional, genetic, and even karmic energy that cause a person to experience a loss of power.  This loss of power can be through trauma, fear, old wounds, and repercussion of previous actions.  This loss of power can result in a disconnection with the Universal Life Force energy which left unattended can masticate into health issues, spiritual disconnection, emotional wounds, and psychological issues.

The Illumination process is a gentle and guided clearing process that allows the medicine worker to share their own light in order for the client to work on their own energetic issues.  The misconception is that the Shaman or medicine worker clears and heals the client.  It is the client who does the deep work, clearing out the old “baggage”, and reconnects their authentic self with the Life Force.

Originally posted November 30, 2011