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Mary Strickland Simmons is the outspoken local liberal of Waverly Hall, GA, and she doesn’t give a flying *&%# who doesn’t like it. Sixty years old, tattooed and running the roads on the back of a motorcycle, she’s been shaking things up wherever she goes for years.

About 75 miles SW of Atlanta sits a 4 square mile quintessential Southern town steeped in Civil War history. Its claim to fame? The Waverly Hall Cemetery, the most documented cemetery in the world because it is haunted by not one, but several ghosts. Very conservative and proper, tongues wag at church suppers about the few that dare to go against all proper tradition, red tradition that is. And tongues have surely wagged a few times about Mary Strickland Simmons.

“Old hippies don’t die, they just lie low until the laughter stops and their time comes round again.”

That’s a quote from Friday’s guest, Mary Strickland Simmons, former air controller. Don’t talk Reaganomics with her because it is a sore subject. FIRED, KICKED TO THE CURB AND JAILED by our well coiffed 40th president (minor case, please). Her crime? She “didn’t report for work”, but then, she had no job to report to. Mary wouldn’t allow life to kick her in the face and keep her down. Oh no! Since then, she has been a teacher for challenged children and has raised alpacas. She lives in Waverly Hall, Georgia and speaks her mind, loud and clear. She is a staunch liberal but votes in the Republican primaries. Her vote went to Rick Santorum and we will find out why. (I think I already know, because I am fervently praying that he gets the nomination). I have a feeling Mary and I think a lot alike.

Now retired, she is living her dream of having tattoos and running around all over the place on a motorcycle. And that’s exactly what she is. A 60-year-old Hippie on the Road. VROOM VROOM! And I can barely wait to hear where those tattoos are! Mary is a sparkling conversationalist and speaks her mind, loud and clear. And does it all with a deep southern accent that makes me pine for Chicken Fried Steak and Collards…

She is Waverly Hall, Georgia’s answer to our HereWomenTalk hostess with the mostess, Carol Baker.

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