At the request of one of my female readers I want to address the stinky elephant in the room!


What started out as a pleasant experience on a recent date came to an abrupt end. My date was wearing way too much cologne. Driving home I had to roll my windows down from the overwhelming smell. My hands smelled of cologne from our parting handshake and lingered after washing them several times. I had to put my favorite sweater in the cleaners. Can you relay to the men the importance of moderation?


Myra, I’ve had your same experience and it kind of ticked me off as well. There are many people who are sensitive to strong smells triggering an allergic reaction. Men, it is understood that you like to leave your mark but can you tone it down just a tad. Women do like to be reminded of a lovely experience with a man but fella’s, can you spare us from being drenched in your favorite scent.

Too much cologne or perfume is like bad B.O. once it hits your nostrils it’s hard to forget. We want to enjoy the memory of having been in your presence as well as anticipating the next meeting so here are a couple of tips men AND woman can follow when sharing your signature scent that will result in a non offensive encounter; it’s all in how you apply.

Open Bottles- When applying from open bottles use your index finger. Hit the main spots- Behind the ears, wrist, and neck, behind the knees or the thighs. Choose two areas and apply only once to each place.

Aftershaves –Use a dime size amount in the palm of your hand, rub together and apply. To enhance the smell of your cologne use the same scented aftershave. An unscented aftershave is best if you’re going to be wearing different scented cologne.

Sprays-One spray covers plenty and preserves the life of your favorite cologne. Typically colognes last about three years, up to five if kept out of direct light. The best practice for spray application is to spray in the air and walk into it just after bathing. If you will be sitting in an enclosed area with others opt for no cologne and perhaps a scented body wash.

Clothing-Be sure not to spray the scent on your clothing, scents rub off and transfer easily.

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