Panic attacks happen when your true self outgrows the overlord of the mind. The mind wants to keep the status quo so that way there are no surprises. It knows what to expect and how to deal with it. It is in its comfort zone.

But the true self wants freedom. It wants to be able to stretch to a greater capacity. It wants to explore experiences that it never had before. That’s the purpose of living,right? So the true self is basically standing up to the mind and its limitations. This feeling can be as scary as a teenager standing up to strict parents for the first time and worrying what the reality will be if they cut off their control.

The negative thoughts that elicit a panic attack are like parents trying to use fear to keep a child in line. It is the mind saying,“What are you going to do without me? It is a big world out there and you have no idea what you are getting into.” It is similar to a parent telling a teenager how hard it is going to be to support themselves. Imagine how scary it is for a child of strict parents when the parent tells their child that they will cut them off with no support. It is a timeless threat. And so are panic attacks.

Children find a way to survive on their own and realize the joy of the freedom. As a spiritual being,when someone has panic attacks,they want more freedom but the mind is scaring them about what that will mean. It feeds them a continuous loop of negative outcomes that are wheeling so fast that they don’t register on the brain. They just create a reaction of panic.

When this happens there is stagnant energy behind the mind that wants to escape through manifestation. It tries to manifest as thoughts and emotions. The panic attacks can be an indicator of whether there is something to release. It can actually turn into a good thing. It can make you aware of when the mind is trying to limit you.

Instead of running away from the disturbing thoughts that are causing the panic;surrender to them. They become more powerful when we try NOT to think of them. Their only fuel is our resistance to them. So instead of resisting,them,welcome them in and validate them as just old stagnant energy that wants to release. Invite them to manifest as a clouds that just pass through or flow up and dissipate.  Dive into them if you want. Open up an imaginary door and let them all escape.

These techniques will immediately give you relief. These are the techniques I use to stay balanced with what I do and they can work on any mind loop anyone can create. It also helps to realize that bad and evil and scary are just ways your mind has identified stagnant energy. You are Light. You are Love. And you are empowered to tap into the infinite source of Light and Love.

You have the potential and responsibility to become greater than any problem that your mind can conjure up. If you can use visualizations to see yourself as huge as the sun,as powerful as an atomic explosion of Divine Love,then it puts the pettiness of the mind loops in perspective.  It also gives the mind a helpful task to perform so it can assist you instead of creating a problem. Giving your mind positive tasks in the form of visualizations is a way to reprogram the self.

You are a bazillion times greater than any problem that you can imagine. And you are your greatest teacher of how awesome you are and what you can accomplish as a spiritual being. That awareness of how vast you are would cause a panic attack in any one whom,up to that point,was focused on the mundane.

Controlling the affects of thoughts and fear is class 101 of living as a Spiritual Being.